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Best of … wood craft supplies

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 25, 2011
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One of the best of wood crafter suppliesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Thankfully, it’s not necessary to have the skill and flair of the artisan to appreciate the work of those that do.

Perhaps working with wood, regardless of the outcome, provides you the tranquility that only comes when working with your hands.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or simply enjoy exercising your creative juices, take a look at our best of list; all the wood craft supplies you’ll ever need in one handy place.

Cherry Tree Toys

Plans for everything

One of the best of wood crafter supplies

For the wood worker, keeping your work station neat and tidy can be a chore unto itself. As your wood craft supplies grow, so too does the need for a good place to keep them. Now, you could go out and buy yourself a little tool chest, but you’re an artisan and pre-built wooden items are for wimps. Better still, drop by Cherry Tree Toys and take a look at the plans they have for this tool chest, as well as tons of other projects.

Consumer Crafts

Finishing touches and details

One of the best of wood crafter supplies

When your project gets down to those all-important final touches, you’ll want to choose from a wide assortment of turnings, trimmings and other wood craft supplies. No sense paying more than necessary either, so take a moment and check out Consumer Crafts. You’ll find what you need and get it delivered to your door without emptying your wallet.

Penn State Industries

Wood turning specialty

One of the best of wood crafters supplies

Wood crafters who specialize in the elegant art of wood turning order supplies from Penn State Industries. They have everything from adhesives, buffing systems and lathes to make practical and beautiful household items and accessories, from shaving kits to cutlery.

Woodburning tools

One of the best of wood crafter supplies

When it’s time to bust out the big guns, in the world of wood craft supplies that means customizing your project with just the right wood burning tips. has an assortment of sizes, along with carving tools and stamps, to fit whatever your project specs require. And for the artisan, burning wood is like waking up to the aroma of bacon frying on the griddle; nirvana.

Sunshine Discount Crafts

All the extras

One of the best of wood crafter supplies

Sunshine Discount Crafts has been the home away from home for those in need of wood craft supplies for over 30 years; and counting. In addition to plans for various wood projects, they have a wide variety of hinges, craft wire and all the other assorted goodies that make woodworking junkies drool. And for the budget conscious, and who among us isn’t nowadays, Sunshine Discount Crafts has an entire area devoted to sale items.

Cherry Tree Toys

Mallets: just the basics

One of the best of wood crafter supplies

If you’re in need of wood craft supplies, it’s worth taking one more trip over to Cherry Tree Toys. Ready to delve into some carving? If so you’ll need yourself a mallet, so make it a good one. At almost 2 pounds, this little beauty will provide more than adequate carving power; and the synthetic striking area absorbs the shock before it makes it way up your unsuspecting arm.

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