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What are toy awards

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Look for a medallion indicating an award-winning toy
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Recognizing toy awards can help you choose the best toys for your children

Products that are on the market are scrutinized by consumers as well they should be. Toys, in particular, are tested by parents, educators and kids to see which toys are the best and safest. Those that are considered top drawer are given various toy awards that are taken seriously by consumers and toy manufacturers alike.

Toys win awards when they are earmarked as a wonderful product that benefits children of the particular ages that match the various interest levels and skills addressed by particular toys.

When judging a product, construction of the toy is considered as is how well it inspires a child to be creative and imaginative. Well-made, educational toys help children develop cognitively as well as physically, and this is also taken into consideration when a toy is being judged for an award. When a toy promotes the growth and development of a child socially, intellectually, ethically, physically and emotionally this is deemed an award-winning toy.  

Toys that advocate violence are not judged because no one deems them beneficial. Toys that teach but don’t “preach” are considered positive influences. Toys should be about construction rather than about obliteration, and they should provoke a child’s imagination rather than smothering it.  

When a child plays with games and toys that make him think and learn how to create and view things in a new and different way this is excellent. A toy doesn’t have to be complicated or new or expensive to be instructive. For example, playing with hand puppets is a great way for a child to learn how to communicate while also improving his motor and verbal skills. It’s fun to pretend, which puppets allow a child to do.

Have you ever noticed how a child will focus on the empty box that his Christmas gift came in rather than on the gift itself? That shows that kids like to use their imagination and are naturally creative.

Before you buy a car, you test drive it and may even go as far as to research it on the Internet, which is a wise thing to do. Likewise, putting some thought and research into the toys that you are going to purchase for your child pays off in the long run. You can be assured that you are giving your child an item which is safe and something that is going to engage him. He will learn from playing with the toy and spend many happy hours entertaining himself.

Playing is one of the best ways for your infant and older children to learn. Your child’s brain is growing by leaps and bounds during that first year. In fact, it doubles its volume during the first 12 months and becomes nearly 60 percent of its adult size during that time.  

Neurons or nerve cells in your child’s brain grow rapidly and make connections. When these connections are made your child learns how to think and how to do things. When a child is given toys that prompt thinking and motor coordination, these connections are going to be made better and faster. The more connections that are made in the brain the better the brain can develop. When a baby or child touches things, sees things, hears things and smells things the nerves in his brain are making connections.  

Giving your infant or child a toy that is textured stimulates his sense of touch. A toy that makes sounds will get a reaction out of your infant. Music is beneficial to an infant because it helps his brain develop, which is the Mozart Effect. Babies like colors, so his toys should be colorful. 

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