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Biker girls hairstyles for motorcycle riding

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Wearing a Style Saver Scarf is the answer to your biker girl hair
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Biker girls! Yes, it is possible to maintain a hair-do that rides well.

Is it even possible to be one of the biker girls and come out on the other end of the ride with hair that has ridden well and looks good? Hair that is exposed to the wind and elements is going to be a mess and hair that has been crunched under a helmet for hours is not going to look much better. Biker girls hairstyles for motorcycle riding manage to get around all these challenges.


Cindi Servante, a hairdresser, came up with a great idea to combat the helmet hair that biker girls encounter. She developed a style saver scarf that is satiny and, which is worn over your hair under your helmet. Her invention is very similar to satin pillows that women used to sleep on -- and may still -- which kept their once-weekly done hairdos fresh and in shape for days on end.  


Another benefit of the style saver scarf is that it protects your hair from friction, which can result in hair loss. The scarf moves with the helmet rather than against it, which happens when you wear nylon head coverings or those made from cotton.


The bandanna style scarf has built-in elastic, which results in a good-looking yet comfortable fit. The style saver scarves come in a variety of patterns, including paisley and snake skin print.


There is a method to corralling biker hair madness, according to Servante. Before putting on the scarf, part your hair in the opposite direction from which is it regularly parted and then put on the scarf. The fabric of the scarf is quite satiny so the motorcycle helmet goes on easily.


When you are finished with your ride, remove your helmet, flip your hair back to its regular part and to the normal way that it falls, fluff, and you are good to go. Your hair won't distract from your carefully pulled together biker chick fashion.


Consider using a ponytail wrap if your hair is long. Hair Glove developed various hair accessories for biker girls to suit specific lifestyles, such as motorcycle riding. The ponytail wrap will not slip out like a Scrunchie. The wrap is designed so that a soft hook latches onto hair and remains in place throughout your ride and afterward.


Another suggestion: Carry a small misting bottle (put it in your saddle bag) and spray your hair lightly when you remove your helmet and scarf, if you are wearing one. Using a round brush or your fingers, fluff your hair to get rid of helmet hair.

Another idea: Put a small sponge between your hair and the inside of the helmet to prevent the helmet from squishing your hair. Another technique is to put your hair up in foam rubber curlers, wrap your head in a scarf and then slip into your helmet. When you get to your destination, remove the helmet, scarf AND the curlers and viola, you have nice, bouncy hair going on.

A great doo rag, with your bangs, pigtails or ponytail peeking out strategically, will protect your hair and can be left on after you ride. Biker girls can choose one of the cool patterned doo rags to coordinate with your outfit. Skulls and roses are widely available.


Instead of combing your hair after you finish your ride use your fingers to arrange it the best you can. Combing can cause breakage and damage to your hair, particularly if it tangled. If you simply have to comb it, detangle it with your fingers and then use a wide-tooth comb.

Another recommendation for biker girls is to use products on your hair that contain a suncreen, especially if you do not wear a helmet or scarf while riding. Extreme exposure to the sun will dry out your hair, resulting in brittle locks that are susceptible to breaking.

If your hair becomes terribly tangled after riding, jump into a shower, get your head wet, saturate your hair with conditioner and gentle try to un-do the tangles with your fingers. Consider carrying a bottle of conditioner with you and slap a little on your hair when you stop to eat during your motorcycle ride.

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