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Flatter your bikini with the right cover up

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beach coverup
This lime green coverup can also take you out on the town
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It doesn't matter why you wear a beach cover up; just do

The bikini is the main event, naturally, but you might want to save the premiere until you get poolside or on the beach.


A bikini cover up is a must have for every bathing beauty. You wear it over your bathing swim while traveling to and from your waterside destination. Later in the day, if you feel as though you have had too much sun, put your cover up back on to protect your skin. Select a cover up that will flatter your bikini. A swimsuit cover up can be the same color as your bikini or a complementary hue or design.

Of course, there is another kind of cover up, which means concealing a crime or an attempt to conceal a crime.

Some women may well consider their beach cover up as a way to cover up a mistake, such as thighs or bellies that they do not like and do not want to be put on display. If that is the reason for the cover up that is perfectly fine. Modesty as well as sun protection, and just using good sense, are other reasons why wearing a cover up is the choice of most women who are doing some time in the sun. Select a cover-up that is so beautiful that no one will care if they get to see what is underneath.

A cover up is typically constructed out of rayon and cotton or other lightweight fabrics that breathe easily. You want to be covered up to a certain extent but you do not want to burn up.

Bikini cover ups are so pretty and oft times even elegant that you could forget the bikini underneath and wear the frock as an out-on-the-town worthy dress. Swimsuit cover ups can be worn at the beach as well as transition to dinner out. Many swimsuit coverups are an integral part of your sexy swimwear wardrobe.

When you are in the process of selecting a cover up that flatters your bikini, keep in mind that bikini cover ups come in a multitude of styles, colors and designs. There are solid or mesh cover ups, which appeal to the modest who do not want to parade down the boardwalk or walk into a beachfront store in a bathing suit.

You can choose from a hand crocheted tunic, a hooded terrycloth dress of a silk and sequins tunic that will make you look like a bit like a gypsy. A terry cloth romper might be more your style or a draped back cover-up. You can choose from a maxi dress, which is quite fashionable these days, or a ruffled strapless cover-up. Also available are sleeveless jersey v-neck cover ups, cotton jersey long- sleeved zipper front hoodie cover ups and solid mesh pareos (sarongs.)

The choices are nearly endless when it comes to choosing a cover up that flatters your bikini. You may opt for a cabana dress cover up that comes in knee or ankle length. Retro board shorts can be worn on the bottom and a filmy blouse on top.

A sensational way to cover up your lower half is to wear a sarong over your bathing suit. A sarong, which is the Malaysian term for sheath or cover, is versatile and can do double duty as a scarf, headband or shawl. If you want your sarong to be short, fold in into a triangle and wrap it around your hips, tying it at the side. If you want it to be long, do not fold the sarong in half. You can also wear the sarong as a bandeau. Simply wrap it around your chest and tie it in the back. In Africa, a sarong is referred to as a kanga; in Hawaii, a pareo. Sarongs are often done in batik, which is a method of dyeing fabric that originated in Indonesia.

Sarongs are gorgeous. Many have fringe along the edges and are made in beautiful beach-y colors and designs. Sarongs are rectangular shaped and can be worn however you choose to wear them, exposing as little or as much of your body and your bathing suit as you want, depending on the way it is wrapped.


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