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Your personal style is that which is distinctive about you
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Describe your personal style creatively to get help finding fashions that work

Your personal style is your distinctive and characteristic way of dressing and accessorizing.

It may take time, even years, for your personal style to evolve. Look back 10 or 15 years ago at pictures of yourself and what you were wearing at the time. Chances are that you are going to cringe. What was I thinking?

It is the rare woman (or man) who has not been the victim of one fashion trend or another so don’t beat yourself up over it. Yes, that permed hair was atrocious, not to mention that it was platinum blonde. That dress that looked so fantastic on Madonna just didn’t have the same effect when you sported it to your 10-year class reunion. All is forgiven. Everyone goofs at some point. A fashion faux pas does not send you to the back of the class.

There are those lucky souls who know by the time they are 12 years old what their personal style is and stick to it through thick and thin, even though their style may morph somewhat over the ensuing years but not by much. They are true to themselves. Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes not if the personal style is awful. The 45-year-old woman probably shouldn’t be wearing the same butt-revealing mini skirt that she wore when she was 16.

And then there are the rest of you who don’t have a clue what your personal style is. When asked to describe your personal style, you are lost. You keep hitting and missing and have a closet full of clothing that you will never wear again.

Personal style is your signature style. It’s what you like to wear on a regular basis because you feel good and comfortable in this type of clothing and think it is flattering to you. It represents who you are. On the other hand, it can be a purposeful disguise and convey an image that really isn't you, but is the impression that you have chosen to put forth to the public.

Granted, some people may object to your personal style --- remember how your mother used to squawk when you wore sweat pants to school? -- and sometimes with good cause.

Style runs the gamut from glamorous, bohemian, tailored, subdued, outlandish, feminine, masculine, trendy and chic fashions, laid back and casual, high maintenance to Goth and ghoulish and maybe even frightening.

Mothers have discovered that their personal style is often the polar opposite of their daughter’s and there is no point in trying to buy clothing a mom loves for her offspring. Genetics do not guarantee that you and your daughter will like the same styles. In fact, you can almost count on that not happening.

Personal style is a very individual thing. It entails your preferences in color, fabric and fit. it suits your life style. You are comfortable in it.

There are those women won’t be caught dead in a pair of jeans whereas other women, who are nevertheless chic, think blue jeans are the best invention since running water.

While some women are groomed to the nines and won’t consider going without a regular manicure, pedicure, hair cut and color and facials, others, who look equally as good, just different, rarely step foot into a salon and scoff at the high maintenance gals.

For some people, comfort is the number one priority while others endure some pain (think stiletto heels) because they can’t imagine wearing any other kind of shoe and are willing to make the sacrifice.

Achieving personal style has nothing to do with how much money you have at your disposal to spend on pricy clothing. Some of the best dressed women are those that shop at second hand stores and know how to invent their style, doing things that no one has done before. They are creative and know how to ‘style’ themselves on a budget.Fashion savvy people know how to accessorize and how to make the most of their body type, emphasizing their good parts and adeptly concealing that which they don't want to be on display.

If you can’t figure out your style on your own, and have some money to throw around, hire a stylist, which is a woman or man who “styles” you. A good stylist knows your body type, your preferences and what you will or won’t look good in. The stylist has an eye for design, color and cut and has a good idea of what will or won’t work on a certain person with a particular body type. Stylists are creative and have vision and will combine clothing items that would never have occurred to you in a million years to put together.

An excellent example of two stylists are Stacy London and Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear. WNtW is the TV show that grabs unsuspecting fashion victims and hauls them off (sometimes by the scruff of the neck) to NYC. There they shop ‘til they drop and get a whole new wardrobe, hairstyle and make-over, but only after they have agreed to toss all of their old clothing into a trashcan.


What Not to Wear: Video Style Tips

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