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Dressing for your body type

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When dressing for your body type, the right clothing hides a multitude of sins

Once you have determined your body type you can begin dressing for your body type to emphasize or conceal various parts of your body.

For example, if you have a very big bottom and arenít so big on top, you can play down the bigness on the bottom by wearing darker colors. Then, make your top look larger by wearing colorful blouses and sweaters that make your shoulders appear wider.

If you are too bootilicious, wearing long cardigan sweaters, vests and jackets conceal the junk in your trunk. Wearing high heel shoes elongates your legs and will make you appear taller and slimmer.

Pear-shaped or Triangle Shape

If you are pear-shaped, and many women are, this means that the biggest and widest part of your body is below your waist and around your hips. Skinny people can be pear shaped as can tall or short people.

What you want to achieve when dressing this body type is to make it appear as though you aren't bottom heavy even though you are. This is done by balancing your hips and shoulders, which requires making the shoulders look broader or the hips smaller.

Pull attention to the upper half of your body by wearing something eye-catching such as a beautiful broach or necklace or a top with a great-looking neckline. Do a plunging neckline. Show off some cleavage. Wear a gorgeous pair of sparkling drop earrings.

Whether you are wearing pants or a skirt, the article of clothing should be dark or neutral and a solid color. Do not wear plaids, stripes or other bold patterns on the bottom because this will make you look even more bottom heavy.


A woman with an hourglass shape can pretty much wear whatever she wants to. If you've got it, flaunt it. Because her waist is small, or at least small in comparison to her bust and hips, which are pretty much the same size, emphasizing the waist is a choice. Wear belts to define the waist.

Clothing can be fitted or semi-fitted and showing off the ample bust is always an option. Straight or flared skirts can be worn. Since there is no part of the body that needs a boost or disguise on the hourglass-shaped woman, she has free rein to run the gamut and wear what delights her.

Inverted Triangle

This body type is considered the ideal female shape. The shoulders are broad, the bust ample, the hips are narrow and the waist is defined. The butt may be flat. A woman with this shape can wear low necklines, three quarter length sleeves and flowing clothing as well as flared pants and A-line skirts.


Women that have a rectangle body shape possess breasts and hips that are about the same size. The waist is not defined. The butt is often flat. Arms and legs are often slender. Actress Nicole Kidman has a rectangular body. Define your waist by wearing a belt. You need to create some curves which can be achieved by breaking up your silhouette. Wear a patterned top, a belt and a dark colored skirt. Show off your legs. Women with rectangular bodies look good in most styles of pants.

Apple-shaped or Oval

This type of body consists of an undefined waist, a low, large stomach and the overall look of roundness. If this is your body type, wear loose tunic tops or an empire waistline, which detracts  from the belly. Your shirts should be long enough to hide your thick mid-section. Lightweight tops that skim over the midsection rather than clinging to it are flattering.

Vertical body type

Other things to take into consideration include your vertical body type, which means the proportion of the bottom half of your body compared to your top half. Do you have a long torso and short legs? Do you have a low waist, which many with long torsos have? Determine this by bending your arm. Is your waist lower than your bent elbow? If so, you have a low waist.

When a woman has a long torso she is apt to gain weight in her hips and thighs and the buttocks on this woman maybe heavy and low. The woman may be short in stature although tall people can be short legged. If this is your vertical type you want to make it appear as though your legs are longer and your torso is shorter. Wear high-waist pants and tuck in your blouse.

Wear light colors on top and dark on the bottom. Make sure that your socks, pants and shoe colors are the same. This elongates the leg. Don't wear pants that are too short. 

If you have a "balanced" body this means that the upper and lower parts of your body are about the same. Your legs and arms may be slender. The balanced body type allows a woman freedom to wear a lot of different styles because she is in proportion, whether she's tall or short, fat or skinny.

If you have long legs and a short torso, show off your long legs. Do not tuck in your tops.

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