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How to wear twinsets

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A twinset is versatile and appropriate for almost any occasion
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A woman can get a lot of mileage out of a twinset

A twinset is another way of describing a sweater set and involves mixing a cardigan sweater with another top, often a short-sleeved shell. This look has been in vogue, off and on, since the 1940s. The sweater set is a wardrobe fixture. It can go just about anywhere and you will look lovely and appropriately dressed as long as you know how to wear twinsets.

A twinset is a woman's sweater that has buttons or ties in front or zips that is coupled with a matching top or shell and that is worn underneath the sweater. The shell generally has a high neckline or a crew neck and is usually short-sleeved or sleeveless.

In the past, the twinset was linked with conservative upper class ladies but it has branched out and is considered proper in the office as well as perfect wear for a party. If you know how to wear twinsets, the twinset can be glammed up and even made to look extremely professional and appropriate for the office. No one will expect you to be serving hors d'oeuvres or vacuuming an already clean living room carpet with your three inch heels and pearls on just because you are outfitted in a twinset, which was once considered a very demure, prim and proper look.

Jackie Kennedy put the twinset on the fashion map, as did actresses Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, who were also fond of this style. The twinset was especially fashionable in the 1950s but then took a nose dive in popularity; however, it resurfaced in the 1990s and was paired with plaid skirts and knee socks and sometimes the sweater was adorned with sequins or beading. First Lady Michelle Obama has put her own twist on the standard twinset, frequently incorporating it into her wardrobe.

There are variations on the twin set and how you choose to wear it. The sleeve length of the sweater and the pullover, which is worn underneath, can differ. The sleeves on the sweater can be raglan or extend to the wrist or to the elbow.

You can wear the twinset to work and look very polished. The twinset is taking the place of the customary work blazer or jacket. A woman can look professional in a twinset, which is softer, feminine, pretty and a bit sexy compared to the standard work suit, which can be severe, but you will look no less proficient.

You can split up your twinset pieces, which will result in more outfits for you. You can wear the shell or underpiece beneath a denim jacket, a blazer or another cardigan. Some fashionistas even opt to wear the shell as a vest.

If you know how to wear twinsets, you know that at all costs you should avoid sweaters and shells that are too baggy and over-sized. Opt for a more form-fitting and sleek silhouette to get the most out of this look. Fit is essential to pulling off this style.

There are various ways to wear a twinset including jujj-ing the sleeve, which means to roll it up. This gives a bit more of a relaxed look to the twinset. Go for a tonal layered look. The outer sweater can be a subtle rose pink, the shell a darker and richer pink and the skirt you are wearing can be a blush pink or any variation and combination of tones. This will result in a colorful outfit but not so much so that you will make onlookers shield their eyes from the color onslaught.

Jewelry looks great with twinsets. Put on a pearl necklace or mix and match metal and pearl pieces, toss in some crystal. This will give an edge to your twinset.

Consider wearing a chiffon top or a printed blouse in a soft material under the shell. The best material for a formal looking twinset is angora, cashmere and wool.

A twinset is a versatile, useful item of clothing. If you get hot, you can take off the sweater. If you get cold, you can put it back on. Twinsets are breathable in warm weather and protect you from the cold in cooler weather.

Twinset looks superb when paired with jeans, slacks or capris.


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