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Which swimsuit top style should you choose?

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A carefully chosen swimsuit top can make all the difference

A woman obviously wants to look good in a bathing suit. Every woman can increase the odds of achieving this significantly if she selects the right style of bathing suit - especially the right swimsuit top style. The swimsuit top style that you choose can go a long way in making you look thinner, bustier or even less busty, if that is your wish.

Which swimsuit top style should you choose depends on a variety of factors: Are you large busted and want to show that off? Are you small busted but want to appear bigger? Are you small busted and that suits you just fine and you do not want any artificial padding? Do you want a lot of coverage or little? Do you mind having suntan strap marks or would you prefer a bandeau that covers your breasts but not your shoulders?

Some women's bathing suits have underwires in the bra cups of the top, which hoist up your breasts, and some have cup inserts, which give you more cleavage. If you plan to do some serious swimming this will also have a bearing on what type of swimsuit top you should purchase. You want one that is going to stay on.

If you are small busted, you may want to consider getting a swimsuit top that is lightly padded. A bathing suit that is patterned or textured will detract from the fact that you have very little in the chest department.

If you want to draw attention to your breasts, a plunging neckline with a behind the neck tie will do the trick. Bathing suits that have a wide elastic band under your bust will provide support while also providing comfort.

Consider buying a bandeau one-piece that bares your shoulders and has side boning for support. However, if you are large busted, this probably is not the swimsuit top for you.

You can enhance the size of your breasts by purchasing a swimsuit top that is equipped with molded foam cups, under wires and sliding adjustable back straps. You also have the option of putting in removable push-up pads.

Many women are opting for tankini tops, especially in plus size swimsuits, which provide more coverage, covering the belly, but is still a two-piece. Another option is the bandini, which extends to, or nearly to, the waist, just like a tankini but it features bandeau styling with soft foam cups and a shelf bra.

A French style bra swimsuit top has gathered cups that will adjust, sliding back straps and under wires to support your breasts. A sport halter top is comfortable. It does not have padding or wires and it ties behind your neck. The ringed bandeau top exposes your shoulder so you will not end up with tan lines.

Another option for a swimsuit top is the zippered one piece tank suit with front zipper. A one piece with a pattern or print bodice and solid black in the midsection and on the bottom is slimming as well as comfortable.

When you are selecting a swimsuit top style, take into consideration the overall shape of your body so that you can achieve balance. You do not want a swimsuit top that emphasizes that you are bigger on the bottom than you are at the top. There are four basic body types including the hourglass shape, which means that you have a small and well-defined waist and your hips and bust are very close in size. Women with hourglass shapes look good in bikinis. However, if you are a skinny hourglass figure, with big boobs, a skimpy triangle top may not offer you enough coverage or support. Do not mix and match your swimsuit top and bottom because this can make you look disproportionate.

Those who have triangular shaped body are heavier on the bottom than they are on the top. A swimsuit top that is patterned will make your breasts look bigger. Wear a dark, solid bikini bottom and this will make your butt look smaller. A woman with this type of body can wear the bandeau swimsuit top very effectively. In addition, going skimpy and showing a lot of cleavage works well with this body type. If you think you need it, buy a swimsuit top with equipped with pads and it will make your breasts look bigger.

Angelina Jolie is the perfect example of a woman who has the inverted triangle body shape. Think of her wide shoulders, small hips and large chest and you get the picture. Avoid wearing strapless swimsuit tops if you have this type of figure because this kind of swimsuit top will squish your breasts and will not provide enough support. You will end up sagging. Choose a swimsuit top style that has thick straps, under wires, is a halter and is made of material that is thick enough to keep your breasts in line. Do just the opposite of what triangle shaped women do: Wear a bright color on the bottom and a dark color on top, which tends to minimize your broad shoulders and large chest, which ends up looking very balanced.

Actress Cameron Diaz is a good example of a woman with a rectangular shape. She lacks a defined waist but has broad shoulders and proportional hips. If you want to look curvier, buy a swimsuit top that has ruffles, bows, details and ties.

Looking at the body proportions of models and actresses will help you select a swimsuit top style that is most flattering to your figure. The top of a swimsuit is often the deciding in factor in whether the suit you are considering is the one that will make you feel comfortable and attractive when you hit the beach.



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