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What his underwear says about him

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Boxers are a classic choice
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Forget the Dun & Bradstreet: his underwear will tell you what you need to know

It probably boils down to the eyes of the individual beholder and your particular preferences, but the type of underwear that a man chooses to wear may immediately turn you off or completely turn you on.

His preference for tighty whities or bikinis or boxers can give you some insight into the type of guy you are dealing with. In fact, his choice of underwear may tell you volumes about him. His underwear might be a cue to hold on to him or tip you off to run fast in the opposite direction.

Although you might associate boxer shorts with your father and grandfather, many younger men opt to wear them because they are comfortable and accommodating. Boxer shorts come in a variety of colors, designs and patterns and are not confined to plain old white, as they once were. The guy who chooses boxer shorts is likely to be an All-American type of guy who is very active and does not even know what the word metro-sexual means. Or if he does, he does not care.

Boxers now come in tapered form featuring side vents that afford freedom of movement. The leg openings fit the thighs rather and are not baggy. The front cup panel provides support, which is different from the fly fronts on standard boxers that do not provide support. The man who wears this type of underwear is probably a good mix of conservative and adventurous.

The man who is really into comfort may select boxer shorts because they are loose fitting, soft and comfortable. Boxer shorts are comfortable with business slacks and with jeans. Many young men, who opt for the fashion of low-slung jeans, opt for brightly colored or patterned boxer briefs. Boxers are also comfortable for lounging and for sleeping.

 Boxer briefs are a popular choice nowadays. They are longer than briefs and tighter and stretchier than boxer shorts. The guy whose option in men's underwear runs to boxer briefs is probably a regular dude with a healthy ego.

Boxer briefs are flattering and the gent who wears them probably works out or is an athlete and he is proud of his body. He is also self-confident, maybe a little too much so at times, as well as mature and aware of style and fashion, but not to the extent that he is going to out-dress you or tell you what to wear. Boxer briefs are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, often designed for the trendy or fashion conscious.

Boxer briefs provide coverage as well as support. This is the ideal type of underwear for the man who is athletic. Boxer briefs can be worn while working out or under athletic apparel. Boxer briefs come in various lengths and, depending on your preference, options include either fully-functional flies or paneled, contoured front pouches.

Male athletic underwear for the serious athlete will provide support and compression. Choices include a snug brief, a jockstrap or a boxer brief/trunk. 

Sexy men's underwear, including thong styles and silk fabrics are a sign of daring and extreme self-confidence. Party-goers and club scene guys may opt for wilder styles. Like women who rebel against conservative day jobs, business men, lawyers and others who must wear a business suit during the day may enjoy non-conservative underwear.

If the man in your life is still wearing tighty whities, just as he did when he was seven, this may be an indication that he is resisting growing up. He may well be a very nice and likable guy but his maturity level might not be so great. With so many sexy and comfortable underwear options for men, maybe you can entice him to try a new style, or at least add some color to his underwear choices.


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