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Great women's fashion for motorcycling

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Your motorcycle fashions may not be this extreme but if they are, get ready to stop traffic!
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Womens motorcycling fashion has everyone looking at your bike, and you, in awe

If you are a serious biker girl, whether you own a bike or ride as a passenger, there are great women's fashion items for motorcycling. Some fashion selections are optional, others are required so that you look really fine on your bike and are also protected from the elements.

Rain, hail, sun, wind, sleet, hail and snow are not the friends of bikers. When motorcycling, a woman wants to look great but also be spared from inclement weather. Women's biker fashions must be both functional and stylish.

Bikers do not wear leather clothing simply because it is stylish, they wear it because it is functional and serves a purpose. Leather provides protection from road debris, the elements and will come in handy if you are separated from your bike. Sturdier than denim, leather protects against bruises, road rash and other injuries that can occur if you contact with the pavement. Leather also keeps bikers warm because it does a thorough job of blocking out the wind.  

Leather jackets come in a variety of styles that are suitable for a biker. Some are equipped with heavy duty zippers and sturdy from snaps. Some jackets consist of a quilted inner lining that can be removed when it gets warmer. Leather jackets can be free of detail or jazzed up with fringe or inlays. Leather motorcycling jackets for women are fitted and may have braided detail or lace-up sides, which is really cool looking.

Get yourself a pair of leather chaps. Yes, just like cowboys wear. If you ride a motorcycle to work, you can put the chaps on over your work clothing, which keeps them clean. When you arrive at work, remove your chaps and voila you are ready for the office. Chaps will keep you warm on cold days and provide protection from the elements. Besides, they look really radical.

Get a pair of sunglasses specifically designed for bikers to wear while motorcycling. Your eyes need protection from the sun as well as from the wind, rain and road debris.

Consider purchasing a rain suit that can be stashed away in your saddle bag when you do not need it. The pants and jacket should ideally zip together so you are fully protected from the rain. Your rain suit should have reflective patches so that you can be easily seen in rainy weather.

Protect your boots and feet from the rain: Purchase boot rain covers that can be put in your saddle bag when not needed.

Of course, you will want to snag a quality pair of boots to wear while motorcycling. These boots are cold-resistant, non-skid and often have double zippers and cushioned insoles. Boots should be comfortable but also afford protection for your feet while you are riding.

If you are a bit daring (and what biker girl is not?) buy a leather halter top. This will stop traffic. Leather halter tops often feature bead and bone closures and fringe detail. The halter top ties in the back behind the neck. Do not forget the sunscreen because your back and arms will be completely exposed to the sun.  

You will require leather gloves, to keep your hands warm and protect your digits from the elements.

A leather slant purse, with built-in bottle holder and a strap that is adjustable, can be slung over your back while riding. It is comfortable, functional and looks good as well.  

Hair is an issue for women bikers, regardless of whether they wear a helmet. Consider purchasing a domer, which is ideal for covering long hair. It features an adjustable toggle in the back so you can situate it to accommodate your particular motorcycling hair needs. The tube domer is the best product for those bikers with long hair. Scarves can be worn alone or under a helmet and should prevent helmet hair, which ultimately occurs after the end of a ride.

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