How to choose a waffle maker

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Your waffle maker determines the design and size of your waffles
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Choose a waffle maker that specifically makes the kind of waffle you want

Waffles originated in Belgian but have become so popular in the United States that National Waffle Day is celebrated on August 24, observing the anniversary of the first U.S. waffle iron patent given to Cornelius Swarthout. He received his patent in 1869. Waffles were introduced to America in the 1790s, courtesy of the French.

If you are a waffle aficionado, are determined to become one, or are considering buying a waffle maker as a gift there are certain features that you should look for and tips on how to choose a waffle maker before you shell out your hard-earned cash.

The earliest waffle makers were designed by blacksmiths and made out of cast iron plates. To make a waffle, you had to fire up your wooden stove, checking to see that both sides of the waffle maker were heated equally, and then you could proceed. The process is a whole lot easier now-a-days. Waffle makers have become state-of-the-art.

To know what to consider in how to choose a waffle maker you must know in advance the size, shape and thickness that you want your waffles to be because the size, grid and shape of the waffle maker determines this.

When choosing a waffle maker realize that circular waffle makers heat up quicker than square shaped waffle makers and distribute heat more easily. Heart shape waffle makers, for Belgian waffles, are also available. You can purchase a waffle maker that allows you to make one large waffle at a time or several smaller ones simultaneously. There are also plate pattern waffle makers available that allow you to break your waffles into halves or fourths, which comes in handy if you are feeding a group of people.

A multi-functional waffle maker makes it possible for you to remove the waffle plate and replace it with a flat sandwich griddle. If you choose the multi-functional type of waffle maker you can make French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches and pizzelle on this piece of kitchen equipment.

Other features that you need to consider in how to choose a waffle maker include the temperature setting. Some waffle makers let you adjust the temperature, which controls the color and texture of your waffle. The best waffle maker will have a thermostat that keeps the temperature evenly dispersed across the surface of the waffle.

Choose a waffle maker that has a non-stick surface so that it is not difficult to clean. Some waffle makers have removable plates and overflow channels, which catch excess batter.

A waffle maker that has cord storage and stands on end is the easiest to store. Check to see if the waffle maker you are eye-balling has safety features, such as cool to the touch handles. It is highly recommended that you choose a waffle maker that is insulated. This will prevent you from burning yourself.

A waffle iron may feature a variety of indicators, such as a count-down timer, lights, LED read-outs and audible tones. The indicators tell you when the power is on, when the waffle maker is ready for use and when the waffle is done. Another wonderful feature is scratch resistant outer and inner surfaces.

If you are choosing a waffle maker to exclusively produce Belgian waffles then you specifically need to get a Belgian waffle maker, which has a deep grill and is bigger in size than a standard waffle maker. A Belgian waffle maker generally comes with one big grill that does not have partitions so you are only capable of making one big waffle at a time.

Decide what kind of waffles you like best, how you like them to look, whether you prefer big waffles or small waffles, and then select from the many alternatives in how to choose a waffle maker.

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