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How to make a grilled cheese sandwich

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Seriously sharp cheddar cheese will make a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich
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Few kids will turn it down - here's how to make a grilled cheese sandwich

If you are planning on becoming a parent in the future you must know how to (A) change a diaper and how to (B) make a grilled cheese sandwich. These are the requisites of child-rearing.

Even if your kid is particularly picky, he will probably eat a grilled cheese sandwich because itís easy on the tastebuds, full of cheese, lacking in green stuff and warm. Itís also quick and easy for mom or dad to make. Even older brothers and sisters can whip this one out.

Grab a slice or two of cheese. Any kind of cheese will do. Many moms and dads opt for good old American cheese but you can use cheese that is lower in fat, such as feta and goat cheese. They are made from goatís or sheepís milk. Aged cheddar cheese, another option, has a "bite" that brings "gourmet" to mind, and is one of the most flavorful options for grilled cheese sandwiches. The soft varieties of any cheese take longer to melt so keep that in mind.

You will need two pieces of bread for your grilled cheese sandwich. If you are especially health conscious use sprouted grain brain instead of white bread because it has more fiber and more nutrients and fewer calories per slice.

If you really want to get fancy, which is probably not a requirement as far as your kids are concerned, you can stuff your grilled cheese sandwich with spinach, which is full of vitamins. Add tomatoes, which contain antioxidants -- and release even more antioxidants when heated. You can add ham to your grilled cheese sandwich and it becomes a grilled ham and cheese.

You need a frying pan and some butter and a knife or pastry brush, which you use to apply the butter to the outsides of the bread slices.

Put the pan over medium heat and let it start to warm up. Use your pastry brush and spread melted butter on one side of a slice of bread or use a knife and spread un-melted but soft butter on the bread. Put this slice, buttered side down, into the pan. Place your cheese and anything else that you want to include on the slice of bread on the bread slice. Butter the other slice of bread and place it buttered side facing upwards on top of the cheese.

If you put a lid over the frying pan this will generate more heat but it isnít necessary to do that. Cook the sandwich for about two minutes, checking every 15 seconds or so to see how brown the bread has become. Itís easy to burn the bread so keep an eye on it. When it as brown as you want it to be, use a spatula and flip the sandwich over so the uncooked side can now brown. When the sandwich is toasted to your desire remove it from the pan and itís ready to eat.

Some people love to eat pickles and potato chips with their grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled cheese sandwiches also go well with soup. In fact, on a cold, snowy afternoon a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup hits the spot and warms you up.

Adults like grilled cheese sandwiches as well. If you are watching your weight and trying to cut back on butter you can still eat grilled cheese. Eliminate the butter by spraying canola oil on the frying pan. Eliminating butter knocks off calories. However, if you do this realize that the bread will brown up faster than the cheese melts so turn the burner heat down so the bread will brown slower and give the cheese time to catch up.

One very good rule of making perfect grilled cheese sandwiches is to keep the heat low, cook slowly and flip as often as needed to heat and melt the cheese.

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How to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich

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