Arts and crafts lighting for hobbyists

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Sewing is one of many hobbies that may benefit from craft lighting
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Craft lights relieve strain on your eyes while you work on your favorite hobby

Some hobbies and many crafts require a lot of close-up work that can strain your eyes if you attempt to work in low light. This is why manufacturers have developed special arts and crafts lighting. Some craft lighting also includes a magnifying panel if you need extra help as you work on fine details.


Where to Find Special Lighting for Projects and Crafts


Craft stores frequently feature certain models of lamps, either in stores or on their websites. You can also buy arts and crafts lighting from some electronics stores.


Things to Look for in Craft Lighting


What sets arts and crafts lighting apart from regular household lights? Craft lighting often uses the same or similar bulbs to what you can buy for those other lights.


You should definitely look for craft lighting that can provide bright lighting. But a big distinguisher of craft lighting is flexibility. The best craft lamps allow you to constantly reposition the source of light so you are most comfortable. The neck should swivel or bend so you can change the height and position of the bulb.


Some of these lamps also incorporate a rotating shade so you can shield yourself from glare. Another feature touted by manufacturers is their special bulbs which offer a fuller spectrum of light than basic bulbs. As mentioned above, you may also wish to look for arts and crafts lighting that incorporates a magnifying glass or panel if you need help seeing fine print or details.



Other Comfort Factors


Arts and crafts lighting is not the only factor that affects your comfort while you're crafting. Ergonomics has become a keyword in office design these days, but it also affects your comfort level in hobbies. An ergonomic station or table can prevent repetitive motions or prolonged positions from being quite so stressful on your body.


For tips on setting up an ergonomic sewing station, see OSHA's "Sewing Station Design." While OSHA regulates and advises on safe working environments, the same principles apply to a home craft shop which you use for fun.


Some people may laugh at the notion of "craft injuries," but repetitive motions in crafting, just as in sports or physical training, can indeed result in injuries, pain, or strain. You can reduce the likelihood of discomfort by taking frequent breaks and by keeping your body in good condition.


Stretching and building up your endurance can help you achieve pain-free crafting.


Where to Put Special Lighting for Projects and Crafts


Because craft lighting usually comes in the form of a portable lamp, you can install it wherever you have a compatible outlet for electronic accessories. You should put craft lighting wherever you most often work on your hobbies.


If you work at a desk or table most of the time, you can use either a desk lamp or a floor lamp. If you frequently perform work on your lap while you sit in front of the TV, a floor lamp may be best, unless you plan to position the craft lighting on an end table. The nice thing about craft lighting is that it's designed to fit into any room of your home.

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