How to make cute Valentines cards

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Making Valentine's Day cards is a fun activity for kids of all ages
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Making your own cute Valentines Day cards is fun and rewarding

Forget going to the store and buying a Valentine’s Day card – where’s the fun in that? For about the same price of buying a store card-- or less – you can create your own special greeting.

Not only is your homemade card fun to make, but it’s original and comes from the heart.  A cute Valentine’s card is simple to create and shows the recipient that you care – and that you’re really good at making cards.

Cards for Kids and Adults

If you’re looking for something to give to a classroom of children, or something to give to your special someone, these cute Valentine’s cards have you covered. They are easy to make, so you can create multiples, or simply one. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Eye on You Valentines

Take a piece of cardstock paper – you know, that thick paper used in scrapbooking – and fold it in half. Now think of a cute monster shape you can create; ghosts, Frankenstein or even your own little creation – whatever you’d like. 

Cut out its shape in paper that features fun colors or patterns. Glue a pop-up googly eye in the center of its head, then attach the monster to the inside of the card with glue or foam adhesive pads.

Somewhere on the inside of the card write “I’ve got my eye on you.” Adhere a heart-shaped piece of wrapped candy on the front center of the card with a piece of foam adhesive. Above the heart, write “Valentine.” This cute Valentine’s card not only gives the recipient a piece of candy, but a laugh too.

Cards for Kids

If your child has a crush or just wants to wish his friends a Happy Valentine’s Day, these fun and easy cards are just what you need.

To start, cut out a heart in a piece of cardstock. Save this heart to use as a template for any additional hearts you want to make. Use a hole-punch to create two holes in the bottom of the card. Then go back with your scissors and cut holes big enough for a child to stick her fingers inside, so as to give the heart “legs.” Then decorate the heart with eyes and a mouth. Use a marker to create these details, googly eyes or other pieces of paper.

On the back, write a fun saying, like “Let’s Dance.” When your card is finished, it should look like a heart-shaped face with legs. Not only is this cute Valentine’s card fun to make, but it’s even more fun to receive.

Cards for Adults

Whether you want to give your special someone a cute Valentine’s card, or have a friend you want to send a warm greeting to, this card is perfect.

Cut a square out of sturdy cardstock. Then cut out a heart in another color or pattern and glue it to the square. Attach a lollipop or two with tape, then write “I’m here for you when things get sticky” on the top of the card. A card that features a cute message and candy? Score!

Now it's your turn

These are just a few ideas to get you started. You can create wonderful Valentines from all kinds of paper, from old magazines to cereal boxes. And you can decorate them with paint, paper, markers, glitter, feathers or even macaroni. Make them as big as a person, or small enough to fit inside of a matchbook. Create flat cards that fit into envelopes, or go 3-D and pack them into boxes for delivery. 

You can make duplicate cards for everyone on your list, or create a special masterpiece for each and every loved one. 

Once you start coming up with new, cute Valentine’s card ideas, you’ll never want to hand out store-bought greetings again. Happy Hearts and Flowers Day!


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