How to make money crafting

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Get the money you deserve from your well-made crafts
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Learn how to make money crafting to take advantage of your talent

You've got talent and a love for making crafts, so it only makes sense to try to make some money off of your hobby, right? After all, how hard can it be?

Before you quit your day job and dive into the world of craft-making; however, you'll need to figure out just how to make money crafting. And when you take a few aspects of selling your crafts into consideration, you increase your chances at becoming successful.

Good, homemade crafts contain high-quality craftsmanship. Forget trying to sell someone something that has flaws or just looks plain messy. Start with high-quality ingredients and your finished product will likely be a success. For instance, if you're making candles, your wax, wicks, scents and molds should be of the best quality you can afford.

Location, location, location

Just like with real estate, your location is super important when selling your crafts.

The internet is a great way to reach a huge audience; however, you need to make sure people see the site. Going with an established auction, gallery or crafts site is ideal, as buyers are already aware of the site.

If you are making your own; however, you'll need to do a bit of advertising to get your name out there. Place your web address on all your business cards and brochures, and send emails to all those you know with your new website address. 

And don't forget the power of the repeat customer. Those who bought from you before are likely to buy from you again, so obtain their emails and home addresses when they buy your crafts. Then use the information to keep them abreast of when new items are available.

The Right Product

One of the biggest keys to your success is making crafts that people want. If you only create items that you like, you probably won't sell that many. A good way to know if your crafts are liked by the public is to take them for a test drive. If you create jewelry or clothing, wear your pieces out and see how many comments they earn. If a few people tell you they like the items, they'll probably be easy to sell. 

If you don't get any compliments; however, you'll need to come up with a different design. And knowing what is "in" right now is considerably helpful. Using colors and designs that are popular means you are more likely to sell your product.

In order to make money, you'll need to appropriately price your items. Besides taking the cost of the materials and supplies into consideration, you also need to think about how much time it took to create the crafts. If you don't charge enough, you'll literally sell yourself short and won't stay afloat.  

Becoming a successful crafter takes hard work and effort, but it is likely worth the time put in. Once you know how to make money crafting, you'll likely find your new venture is rewarding and enjoyable.

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