How to make a dog bed

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dog bed
Making a dog bed is easy and saves you lots of cash
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Create a cozy bed for your favorite furry friend with ease

Your prince or princess pooch deserves a pampered life. After all, he or she is always there for you with a cold nose and warm lick. So why let your canine companion sleep on the floor?

Sure you could go and buy an expensive dog bed, but why should you when you can make one so easily yourself? With the help of a few materials and a little effort, you can make a dog bed your pup will be proud of.  

Why Your Pet Should Sleep In Its Own Bed

So now youíre likely wondering how to make a dog bed. First, letís start with why your pet should sleep on a dog bed instead of on your bed or the floor. The floor is a cold, hard, lonely place. Your poochís legs, stomach and paws will likely feel sore and tired after sleeping on the floor all night. Doing so could be extremely tough on an older dog, as well, who may already have arthritis.

Additionally, jumping up and down from your bed could cause injuries to your petís legs and paws. Bones could get broken and ligaments or muscles sprained, even if you have a small bench to help your pet up. Additionally, pet hair in your bed could irritate your skin. So instead of risking these issues, treat your best friend to a comfy, cozy bed of his own.

Making a Dog Bed

If you have a little pooch, making a dog bed couldnít be simpler. Remember that used, but super comfortable pillow that you tossed in the closet? You can use that. The comfy cloth will keep her nice and cozy and creates a barrier between her and the floor. And when you use an organic pillow, it can help your dog with her allergies and prevent irritation and further issues from arising.

Although you could leave the pillow as it is, things will likely stay cleaner if you throw a cloth over top. Use a heavy flannel pillow case to prevent the pillow from becoming hairy and dirty. Close and secure the pillow case with adhesive velcro strips. Now if the case gets dirty, you can just toss it in the washer and youíre good to go.

Bigger dogs arenít so simple, but they are still easy enough to make beds for. Instead of just one pillow, youíll need two. Place the two long ends of the pillows together and stretch out the fabric so that thereís about four to six inches of overhang. Then use a needle and thread to stitch the overlapping fabric together.

It will likely take a few rows of stitching to ensure that the pillows are secured to each other. Now you should have a large pillow that is comfortable and just the right size for your bigger dog.

If you have a larger pillow case, use that to cover the bed. Using an organic pillow case is even better, as it is natural and wonít cause any irritation for your furry friend. But if you donít have a pillowcase large enough, sew two pieces of fabric - cut to 2" large than the dimensions of the pillow - to cover the large pillow. Place the pillow in your petís special spot and watch him relax and have a nice nap.

Now that you know how to make a dog bed, go ahead and treat your pooch to the comfort he deserves. Plus, youíll know youíre providing him with some loving, home-made luxury.


Joyful Abode: How to Make a Dog Bed

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