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Medea mask
Mask of Medea. Attach unusual masks to your wall and this most certainly qualifies as unusual wallhangings
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If you can hang it, it qualifies as a wall hanging

Anything that can be hung can be a wall hanging. It's easy to hang something unique on your walls if you can find a place for a wire and a hook.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding what is permissible. I, for one, have a 10-foot paddle hanging on the wall in my front hallway. People ask me what it is. Well, it is a paddle, but I am not sure if it was used by a baker or a boater. I just liked the looks of it when I came across it in a barn belonging to my father. I hauled it out and my husband hung it on the wall. My 10-foot paddle is a conversation piece for sure, and that is one of the reasons to display a unique wall hanging in your house.

Unique wall hangings pique the interest of your visitors. Handcarved folkart animals make creative wall art for a country-style home. A collection of retro-hub cabs are interesting on the wall of a loft space. Antique purses or hats make a dynamic statement in a room full of period furniture.

Consider hanging exotic masks on your wall. Pick from African masks, Balinese cultural masks or even from Mardi Gras masks. Hand-painted masks are exquisite and will insert some vivid color in your room as well as a ethnic twist. What about theatrical and dance masks? What an interesting and unusual wall hanging they would make.

Metal objects in various configurations can be applied as wall hangings. Once again, this will be an ice breaker. People will want to know where you got it, why you decided to hang it on your wall and what in the world is it, anyway? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what may potentially seem bizarre or even a bit creepy to some people may appear gloriously beautiful to you. It is your house and you can hang whatever you want on your walls.

Tapestries or quilt are a good choice for unique wall hangings. If you have an imperfect wall and want to conceal the imperfections this is a great way to do it because a tapestry or quilt will cover a large area.

Consider putting wall sculptures, which can be made out of metal or wood, on your wall. This indeed is a unique wall hanging and should generate some conversation from your guests.

If you like contemporary design, incorporate metal wall hangings into your home. Metal wall art can be very abstract and interesting. Your guests may cock their heads to the side as they view it, wondering exactly what it is. It may not be anything, in fact, other than a wondrous piece of art, constructed out of metal and which you have chosen to put on display in your home.

Wrought iron grilles in various configurations are an option as are candle sconces that can be attached to your wall -- which qualifies them as a wall hanging.

A fabric wall hanging can be batik or appliqued folk art or made from silk, jute, cotton or even leather. Children's or baby-sized quilts make unique wall hangings.

You can hang something unique on your walls anywhere that you have space for it. The area above the fireplace is a good place to start. The fireplace is often the focal point of the living room or family room. Further emphasize the fireplace by attaching wall art, which can be three-dimensional or any style or configuration that pleases you and complements the style of your room.

Abstract copper, bronze, steel or brass wall hangings will certainly add some pop and sheen to your home. These artistic designs are absolutely eye-catching.

Aquariums can actually be mounted to a wall so, technically, this would be a wall hanging and it would certainly be a unique one.

The way you decorate your walls, or do not decorate them, tells a lot about you and your family, your interests and passions, your travels and cultural background or interests. Select wall hangings that are as unique as your family. Be daring and opt for a few items that add some spice to walls that would otherwise be covered with 2-dimensional, traditional artwork. Find unique wall hangings that appeal to you, and then find a place for them in your home.

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