What is Moroccan furniture decor?

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Purchase loads of spicy colored pillows to pile on your Moroccan furniture
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What is Moroccan furniture decor if not passionate, lusty and vibrant?

Moroccan décor, including the furniture, is exotic. It makes you think that a sensual belly dancer, dressed in coins, beads and baubles, sensuous silks, clicking her zils and hiding her face under a veil, might shimmy around the corner at any second. Moroccan furniture decor creates a room that is ready for the Sultan’s pleasure.

The essence of Moroccan furniture is the unique and stunning patterns, colors, molding, stitching and carved wood that is essential to this design.

Moursharabi style furniture is indigenous to Moroccan and is a type of woodworking that puts the focus on the intricate details. Every part of the furniture is replete with some eye catching element. Moroccan furniture is often made of plush leather that is soft and comfortable. The furniture exudes warmth and hospitality because the colors and woods that are used are skillfully blended. Sculptural furniture and accent pieces help create a Moroccan design aesthetic. There is no one who can rival the Moroccans and their artisanship when it comes to the complex motifs that they design and apply to their furniture. 

Use Color

If you are shy about using colors, then Moroccan design may not be your cup of tea. The Moroccan color palette is bursting with rustic oranges, bold blues, tropical greens, olive, saffron and eggplant. The colors of fruits and vegetables are often the inspiration. These audacious colors  are gorgeous when used in a home. 

For those who love color and love incorporating it into their homes, the Moroccan color palette is a virtual smorgasbord. Deep cobalt blue is a good choice and is commonly used in Moroccan design because it is believed to ward off evil spirits. So in addition to being a rich, enticing color is it also functional for those who believe. Couple the blue with yellow, silver, green, gold, aquamarine and turquoise for an awesome effect.

Another good choice for Moroccan decor and furniture includes items using warm colors. Select earth tones, such as oranges, yellows red and pinks to use in your home. This will definitely get you in the Sahara desert mood. The colors of spices, saffron, burnt sienna, paprika, cinnamon, are a wonderful choice. Sand colors, such as taupe and cream, can be worked into the design or into your furniture. 

The Moroccan style, which has been very much influenced by Spanish, Arab, Moorish and French styles, is utterly distinctive and unusual. It is mysterious, yet warm and relaxed; it is sultry and sumptuous, full of vibrant colors, ornate patterns and fabrics and unique accessories that make you think of Arabian nights and sultans and all that brings to mind.

Use Texture

Put some textures on your walls if you are channeling Moroccan in your home. The walls in Moroccan homes are rough and often weathered. Mix a little builder’s sand in with your paint to get a textured look if you don’t want to re-do your walls in a textured finish. Alternatively, you can use a faux-finish paint effect, a suede paint effect or a color wash to get the effect

A smooth wall is not a Moroccan wall so do what you can to get a texture on your walls, which make a great back drop for your Moroccan furniture. 

Tiles are an essential element of the Moroccan look. Exotic, hand-made Moorish styles can be found in most Moroccan homes. You can use them on the floor, on table tops or on your walls. The tiles come in exotic designs and colors and are breathtakingly beautiful. Don’t limit the tiles to your bathroom or kitchen. Step outside the designer box and incorporate tiles into your bedroom, living room and dining room for the full Moroccan effect. 

Use Textiles and Fabrics

The Moroccans are keen on textiles and fabrics, which are luxurious and colorful. Buy a beautiful Persian rug or simply drape some exquisite fabric swatches over the back of a chair or put the fabric on the top of your armoire. Pillows, cushions, wall hangings and throws that sport opulent designs and rich colors should be incorporated into your Moroccan room or home.

Window coverings in Moroccan themed decor should be airy and translucent. Use light weight fabrics that can be draped from windows or from the ceiling or over your bed for a canopy effect. Select some ornate screens for room dividers. 

Choose bold accessories

Your furniture should ideally be dark wood and nothing extreme or fancy. The accessories provide all the pop that you need. Wrought iron accessories are often used in Moroccan design, as are wall sconces and a liberal application of wall art. 

A must have is Moroccan pottery that is so gorgeous you will be mesmerized. It is glazed in dazzling colors and features captivating geometric designs. Buy lanterns that are ornate and are silver or brass and which often boast jewel-colored glass. 

Moroccan décor is for those who like lusty, vibrant colors, textures and designs. If you are a “beige” person who prefers little to no color or design in your environment:

walk away from the Moroccan Bazaar!

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