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Eco-friendly kitchen ideas

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eco friendly kitchen ideas
This kitchen is no threat to the environment. It is made from sustainable materials
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Eco-friendliness means that you are considerate of the environment

If you get a bit anxious when you hear the phrases eco-friendly kitchen ideas and going green because you are not exactly sure what that means, do not be alarmed. Eco-friendly means that you are purposely not doing something that is harmful to the environment or which is perceived to, or intended to, have a detrimental impact on the natural environment and its inhabitants.


With some thought you can come up with eco-friendly kitchen ideas that can be implemented without too much trouble.

Most of us want to be in the eco-friendly camp in the first place; we just do not know where to begin. And, often, we are not aware that what we are doing, or the materials that we are using in our homes, are not considered eco-friendly. It is time that we get our heads out of the sand, educate ourselves, and do our part, even if it is minuscule, for the environment. Every little effort helps in regard to the big picture.


You can begin your mission toward eco-friendliness by recycling, re-using and re-purposing items that you already have in your house. Creative, crafty people have been doing this for years. That old, discarded wood door can be sanded, painted, or left in a distressed state and used for a table after legs are attached. Use your imagination. Re-purposing can be a lot of fun. Your family and friends will be amazed by your ingenuity.


Put plants in your kitchen. The plants will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, serving as a natural filter.


Start out simple. Purchase items that are made out of bamboo because it is an environmentally friendly wood and is fast growing. Bamboo is ideal for back splashes, flooring and cutting boards.


When painting the walls or kitchen cabinets use paint that is free of, or low in VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds or gases that can be toxic and emit harmful fumes.


Buy a water saving faucet and install it. The flow rate will be around 2.2 gallons per minute. This will conserve water.


Consider using scrap wood when you are renovating your kitchen or making repairs or additions. This is wood that has been disposed by someone else but that does not mean that it is not workable or attractive.


Utilizing fluorescent lights will cut your energy costs in half. Use natural light as much as you can, which requires windows that are not covered with curtains. This should brighten your mood as well.


Among your eco-friendly kitchen ideas, consider having a cork or wood floor, something natural, that does not contain toxins that are present in many manufactured products. Cork costs about the same as wood but it is considered a sustainable material, which is good. A cork tree regenerates every nine years whereas an oak or maple tree can take three decades or longer to regenerate.


When you are purchasing appliances for your eco-friendly kitchen choose those that have energy star ratings.


Other eco-friendly kitchen ideas include using recycled glass tiles for your back splash. These tiles come in a multitude of styles and colors. Many are handmade, which can result in size variation.


Another option for an eco-friendly kitchen is using recycled ceramic tiles, which are made of unwanted stone, glass, dirt, dust and sometimes plastics. These products are mixed and then processed and a refined powder is produced, which is used to make recycled tile.


Recycled stone-chipped composite counter tops are great eco-friendly kitchen ideas as is purchasing a top and bottom freezer and refrigerator unit because this configuration is much more energy efficient than side by side models. Less cold air escapes. To check and see if your refrigerator can pass the eco-friendly test, shut the door on a dollar bill. If you can slide the dollar bill out easily your refrigerator has flunked the test. The door needs a new seal.


If you are determined to completely overhaul your kitchen because you are desperate for a new look, seriously consider refinishing or repainting or even rearranging your existing cabinets rather than tossing them out and buying new cabinets. This will eliminate the stockpile of discarded cabinets that end up in the landfill.


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