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What is a simple subject of a sentence

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Identify the simple subject of a sentence with a few key traits
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Finding what is a simple subject of a sentence isn't always so simple

The English language is complex and complicated. Words are placed into categories, and given names like “verb,” “adjective” and “noun.” Although knowing what these categories are for most words and the requirements for getting into that category are typically easy, other words are more difficult.

For instance, finding the simple subject of a sentence is often a little bit tricky. And if you’ve ever wondered what is a simple subject of a sentence, you’re in luck, because you can identify it with a few easy-to-find markers.

Identifying the subject

Finding the simple subject of a sentence just takes a little work; however, anyone can do it with a little help. In order to find the simple subject of a sentence, you need to know what the "subject" is.

Every sentence has a verb and a subject. The subject is the word to which the verb pertains. For instance, in the sentence, “the dog ran fast,” “ran” is the verb and “dog” is the subject.

The reason is because the dog is the part of the sentence that ran. Therefore, you could say that “dog” is subject. In the sentence, “the girl jumped,” the “girl” is the subject because she “jumped,” which is the verb.

Don't get confused by modifiers

In some sentences, the subject is given a lot of modifiers, which are descriptive words.

For example, in the sentence, “the big, hairy wolf ran around the woods,” the entire subject, also called the complete subject, is “the big, hairy wolf.” 

However, there’s a difference between the complete subject and the simple subject. The simple subject of the sentence is “wolf.”

In other words, the simple subject is the subject without all of the modifiers. In the sentence “the large, mean, silver robot chased the man,” “the large, mean, silver robot” is the complete subject. When you take all of the modifiers away, you’re left with “robot,” which is the simple subject of the sentence.

Knowing what is a simple subject of a sentence can help give you a better understanding of the English language and the rules in which it follows. Being aware of this information allows you to teach others, like children, the concepts of English grammar and sentence construction. You can also help those who are just starting to learn the language. Knowing this information can help you write better sentences, which is important for school and just about any career you want to enter.

Knowing what is a simple subject of a sentence can put you ahead of others. You will have an advantage in many ways because you’ll display a good knowledge of grammar. This information could help you do well in school, as well as get into good schools and help you get a great job.


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