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How to know my Internet speed

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Slow computers can drive people nuts
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If you are asking how to know my Internet speed, know faster is better

If you’re a computer user, you likely know there’s not much that’s more annoying than a slow internet. When pages take forever to load or your computer gets stuck, it’s sometimes all you can do to not throw your PC or laptop right out of the window.

The faster your internet speed, the more swiftly your computer will work. The slower the speed; the more snail-like your computer crawls. If you’re wondering “How  to know my Internet speed,” you’re in luck because you can find out rather quickly.

And if you don’t like what you see, you can upgrade to a faster connection.

Internet Types

A variety of Internet connections are available. While some are super slow, others are amazingly fast.

A dial-up connection, which uses your telephone line to become hooked up to the Internet, is notoriously slow. This was the first type of Internet connection and was used until DSL came into the picture. 

Faster than dial-up, DSL became a hit, until it was replaced with cable.

Cable is essentially the fastest connection, as it has more bandwith than other connections. And bandwith equals speed. However, even though you may have the fastest connection, other issues, such as viruses and used memory, can cause your PC or laptop to slow down.

Ask the Company

If you need to know your Internet speed, you can contact the company that provides you with the Internet and ask an associate what speed you are paying for. Companies typically offer a variety of speeds, and the faster the speed, the more costly it is. The company should be able to tell you with no problem at which speed your connection is running.


If you’re sitting at your PC or laptop, you can find out rather quickly just how fast your internet is running. Point your mouse over to the bottom right of your screen, onto the task bar where the time is displayed. Hover over the computer icon and a box should pop up that tells you the connection speed. It may change at various times, depending on the page you are on and how much bandwidth it uses. However, you can get a general idea of how fast your connection is by checking it throughout the day.

Run a Test

Several websites offer tests in which they check the speed of your Internet connection. By visiting these sites, you can run a program that tests the speed. Data is typically sent to your computer, then it calculates the speed. If it seems like your connection should be running faster than it is, you should take some time to update your computer. Once you do, your computer will likely run like it did when you first obtained it.

Now that you no longer have to wonder “How to know my Internet speed,” you can take steps to increase its speed or stay right where you are.

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