Games that make adults feel like kids

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tether ball
Tether ball coming at 'cha!
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Take your pick: Dodge ball, kick ball, tether ball or a great board game!

Twister! That is the game for me, the one where this hand goes on that spot and that foot goes on another spot that is inconveniently located in between the legs of your opposition. You get impossibly tangled up with the other players and see who can keep on his feet the longest, while posed in a perilously convoluted position.

It is fun to engage in activities that recall your youth, even if your body is not so game anymore. The right games for adults can make you feel like a kid again.

Physical games and board games, anything that is reminiscent of your childhood, can take you right back to days of yore when you and your sibs and the neighbor kids ran amok and had the time of your life.

Want to feel like a kid again? Get out the Ouija board. Dim the lights, light some candles, conjure up some spirits for a spooky experience, and find out who you are going to marry (in your next lifetime, since the current spouse is sitting across from you.) Oh, the fun we had as kids communicating with the spirits via the Ouija board. 

Play a raucous game of tether board
. You need a pole and a rope attached from the top, center of the pole, from which a tether ball hangs. You stand on one side of the pole, your opponent stands on the other, and you hit the ball back and forth. If you get lucky, you hit the ball over the head of your opponent, and the ball and rope wrap around the pole and you win!

What about hopscotch? Grab the colored sidewalk chalk, make a hopscotch square, and have at it. Drawing the board, numbering the spaces and tossing a pebble is definately one of the games that make adults feel like kids again. Invite some youngsters to join in. Their laughter will rejuvenate your spirits.

Play tag in your swimming pool or that other (obnoxious) pool game: Marco-Polo.

Remember kick ball? Place some bases in your yard in the appropriate spots: home base, first base, second base and third base, just like you would arrange them for a baseball or softball game, and divvy up teams. The server rolls the ball toward you. You are standing behind home base. Kick that ball and run. If memory serves, the opponents throw the ball at you and if it hits you, you are out.

Dodge ball.
Oh, another fine memory from junior high gym glass. Again, divide up teams. Every member of one team gets a ball and they rush up to the center line from which they throw the ball, trying to hit you. Your job is to dodge and avoid being hit by the ball. If they miss you, you grab the ball and race up to the middle line and throw it at them. This is a good outlet for releasing pent up anger. There, take that!

Two square or four square was another hot ticket on the playground in days of yore. Create your own two square or four square court using sidewalk chalk, find a large ball, and begin. This game is something like ping pong. Bounce the ball and hit it across the line; your opposition hits it back after it has bounced one time. If you are really tricky, you can learn to spike it or hit it into a corner which makes it difficult for your opponent to return it and you score a point. If you hit the ball out of bounds, you lose your turn.

Get your adults friends together and participate in a scavenger hunt. This is wonderful fun! Make sure the items on the list are slightly bizarre, even twisted if you run with a certain bunch, so it takes some cojones for them to actually approach the home of a neighbor or stranger and inquire if they might have such an item that they would be willing to part with. Of course, do not get so raunchy that you get someone arrested.

If you and your friends and children would
prefer to stay at home and kick back, whip out the board games. An all time favorite is Clue. Professor Plum used the lead pipe in the ballroom. Mystery solved! Gamesters of all ages love this board game.

Try Trivial Pursuit. This has been a favorite of many for years and years. Gather together the gang and play a cutthroat game and see who remembers minutiae from the past.

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