African clay pottery designs for African decor

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african art
African art can make a colorful accent to your home
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Decorate your home with authentic African clay pottery planters

I've never been to Africa. The closest I've come is watching Rafiki dangle Simba over a cliff, presenting him to his future kingdom in The Lion King… and a few episodes here and there of The Amazing Race. I've always dreamed of going on exciting lion country safaris and exploring African villages and markets. In my dreams I also run into Angelina Jolie who is there on a mission as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN. Angie and I have lunch, go shopping together and quickly become BFF's.

How wonderful it would be to bring home the loveliest African themed knick knacks, pottery and tribal masks to decorate my home with. Now I can, and I'm starting with some fantastic pottery.

Handcrafted African pottery features pieces by artisans working with established fair trade producers. Many collections of handcrafted African pottery feature pieces by artisans working with established fair trade producers, which means they're the real thing baby.

I love pieces that have cultural significance. If they serve an added purpose, even better. A planter handmade in Kenya makes a distinctively cool display for botanicals. I can't wait to fill my little rhinopotamus looking guy with a sweet bouquet of African violets. It makes a fantastic conversation piece, and since most pieces are expertly crafted by hand, mine is exquisitely unique and one of a kind.

Hakuna Matata my friends, stores specializing in ethnic and imported items have plenty of other stylin' home decor pieces to go around.

DID YOU KNOW? The song "Africa" by the rock band Toto reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February 1983. Ironically, Toto has never been to Africa due to their strong belief that there's no place like home.


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