Tips to spice up and expand your wardrobe

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Layer with gold necklaces and don your old ripped jeans
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Don't be afraid to try new things this fall

A patterned tunic with a leopard jacket?  You betcha!  Layering and pattern are the keys to spicing up and expanding your wardrobe. It really comes down to combinations and a little creativity.  Remember…it’s the mix…not the match.  I must confess that I do catch a small thrill when I find yet another way to put an outfit together!!! It’s like anything, really… cooking, gardening, decorating… Try it if it doesn’t feel just right…well then, try something else. You will be so delighted with your exploration! AND… that old blouse that is rumpled and permanently creased onto the hanger? Pull her out and breathe some new life into her again. What once was casual… may now be the perfect layer for a fabulous soiree…What once was tres chic… may look even better with old jeans and a scarf.

Here’s to you, my smashing fashionistas…some inspiring tips that not only can expand your wardrobe, but will help you dress as the one and only you:

*Have a short sleeve shirt that you love, but it’s chilly out? Simply add a long sleeve tissue t-shirt (scoop neck, v-neck, round neck…whatever works best) underneath.  For another layer add a short jacket over…and voila!!!! 

*Add something vintage…it’s cool…and it personalizes your outfit.

*Skinny pants and tall boots…yum...and add a touch of gold for flavor.

*A touch of leopard is always a dazzling twist…whether it’s a scarf or a jacket…it’s sure to add some spice!

*Scarves…a great way to add color, pattern, and layer to a simple t-shirt or sweater. 

*Wear leggings underneath a summer skirt or dress and add a sweater or cardigan.  Don’t let those summer clothes go to waste for the 6-9 months of cold, dreary weather that so many of us have to endure.

*Try a “fancy” dress over an old pair of jeans. Don’t be afraid to top the look off with some spicy high heels.

*Layer your necklaces and bracelets…don’t wear just one…try several…different lengths, different styles…definitely adds some dimension to your outfit.

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