What is natural body detoxification?

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feeling lousy
Are you feeling lousy? Your body could benefit from natural detoxifying.
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Cleansing your body with natural and healthy products rids it of toxins.

Oh, let us count the ways that we introduce toxins into our bodies each and every day: Junk food, fat, booze, cigarettes, soft drinks and prescription drugs.

And then we wonder why we feel like slugs.

Your body tells you when it is full of toxins if you pay attention. Do you feel sluggish and out of whack? Is your hair lank? Is your complexion dull or are you breaking out? Are you suffering from digestive ailments and aches and pains?

Natural detoxification of the body is not a new concept. The Chinese and followers of Ayurvedic health practices have long adhered to this practice. Detoxification involves resting, nourishing and cleaning your body by removing toxins. Once detoxified you follow up by eating and living well, which helps protect you against disease.

When you detoxify, you clean your blood by removing pollutants from the blood in your liver, where toxins are processed for purging from your body. If you body and system is compromised, these impurities are not filtered property and the cells in your body are negatively affected their presence.


A natural detox program will allow your body to rest because you are fasting. Your liver is stimulated, which hastens the release of toxins from your body and you will eliminate more, which gets rids of the nasty stuff that destroys your skin, kidney and intestines. Detox also improves your circulation and refuels the body.

Symptoms of a toxic body include bags under your eyes, low grade infections or allergies, a distended stomach, mental confusion and menstrual difficulties, notes Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., and the author of Detoxification (Healthy Healing Publications.)

Your body detoxifies itself at night while you are sleeping and somewhat during the day. The body naturally rids itself of toxic materials but it can only do so much if you keep introducing more and more toxins into your body on a regular basis.

The first step in naturally detoxifying your body is to quit using and consuming substances that stimulate your body, such as white sugar and caffeine. A stimulant is something that swiftly changes a symptom in a way that is not natural. Refined white sugar stimulates you as does the caffeine found in coffee, tea, chocolate and colas. Of course, diet pills are a stimulant, as are cigarettes, some spices including pepper and salt, and red meat.

Start eating fruits and vegetables and your body will begin the detoxifying process. Do not eat anything other than fruit until noon. You body is naturally detoxifying itself at this time and eating fruit will assist with this natural process. The ideal type of fruit to eat is acid fruits, such as lemons, red grapefruit, tomatoes and pineapples. Do not go overboard. Too much fruit can result in an over-reaction by your body and make you feel unwell.  

The results of your natural detoxification are not going to be immediate. When you change your eating habits it is going to take a while before your body is free of toxins. Concentrate on returning to a healthy lifestyle, low on toxins, and high in natural health supplements to maximize the benefits of your detoxified system.

Those wanting to completely detoxify their system often opt for colon cleansing, which makes sense because the colon can get terribly plugged up with toxic waste materials. When you cleanse your colon, you are cleaning from the inside out. Some indicators that you may benefit from a colon cleanse including bad breath and foul smelling stools, a metallic taste in your mouth, gas, bloating, a protruding belly, problems with digestion and fatigue and irritability.

Cleansing the colon is done by eating specific herbs that clean out the debris and toxic plaque. However, while cleansing the colon you need to load up on good bacteria that safeguard the flora balance in your body, which is necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. As a final step in your cleansing, you must use vitamins, minerals, amino acids and detoxifying herbs to fully detox your body.

There are a variety of colon cleansing products available. Do your research and discuss this with your doctor. Decide if this is something that you would like to try under medical advice and supervision.

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