Why you need a hobby

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A hobby can be your salvation and the key to a longer and healthier life
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You need a hobby because it gives you purpose and because it's fun!

A hobby can be your salvation. Seriously. When your life has become dreary or just plain too much to cope with if you have a hobby, which is something you love doing, no matter what, you can go off to that placeóideally, you have a room or space that is dedicated to your hobbyóand let yourself become absorbed by your hobby.

This is why you need a hobby. There are hobbies that are simple, hobbies perfect for retirees, hobbies that are expensive and hobbies that are unusual.

You get so focused on, and enthused about, your hobby that for a while you donít worry about all the detritus in your life. You are doing something that you mentally and physically enjoy doing, and this is beneficial to your health and your sanity.

People are capable of having strange hobbies and thatís okay. No one has to approve of your hobby, unless, of course, your hobby is illegal or is interfering to the extreme with your marriage and family life and then you need to step back, assess the situation and maybe come up with a more suitable hobby.

Those people who do not have hobbies have a difficult time adjusting when they retire. They are no longer going to work every day and all that that entails. Their job is no longer a time-suck. In fact, they have ample free time and they donít know what to do with it so they sit in front of the TV, twiddling their fingers, and die an early death.

If you really want to die young, retire early, as points out. We all know someone who worked for years and years and then a few weeks after getting that gold watch and retiring to his living room, he drops over dead from a heart attack. That certainly wasnít the plan.

A study done by the Shell Corporation discovered that those who retire at the age of 55 are 89 percent more likely to die within the first 10 years of their retirement compared to those who didnít retire until they were 65 and who were 89 percent more likely to live 10 more years after retirement.

So what gives? People need purpose in their lives. When they donít (e.g., retirement) they may no longer feel worthwhile or productive and people without a purpose have shorter lives, and thatís that. When you have a purpose, whether itís supporting your family by faithfully going to work every day, taking care of children or a hobby that engages you and makes you feel fulfilled, you are apt to live longer as a result and, in addition, be happier.

A hobby gives you a purpose. It gets you up in the morning and out to your workshop or to your loom or sewing machine or easel. When you keep your brain and your hands active you are less likely to sink into dementia or be crippled by arthritis.

Even if you are impaired physically, you can purchase assistive living aids that allow you to continue using your arthritic hands and help you see and hear better. You can even purchase writing aids that help you write better and easier. 

Young people need hobbies every bit as much as older people do. A hobby can stay with you for a lifetime, and it may even branch off into another area. You are broadening your horizons and your interests and your knowledge.

If you are curious, you will continue to be an interesting and and engaged and engaging person.

Being passionate about something is a good way to lead a long, healthy and productive life, even -- and most importantly -- after you retire. Death can wait.

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