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Collecting books is enjoyable and can also make you money
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Book collecting tips can help you start a lucrative and educational hobby

Collecting books is not only enjoyable, but it enriches your life, as well. There’s just something about holding a book in your hand and feeling and smelling the pages.

Books also make stylish decorations when perched on a book shelf or adorning shelves on your wall. If you are collecting books to stock a serious home library, consider adding leather-bound classics to your collection. This will add value to your book collection. When carefully cared for, leather books are guaranteed to become heirlooms.

And not to mention the stories. Books can take you to another world and can have you thinking about them for your entire life. If you love books, it only makes sense to start collecting them. Doing so can seem like an overwhelming process, but it’s not so tricky when you follow a few book collecting tips.

Collect What You Like

There’s no point in spending your money and time collecting books you won’t enjoy. Sure, having an impressive collection of books in your possession is something to be proud of, but if you’re not actually going to read them, there’s not much point to it. Collecting books is a hobby and should be enjoyable. Picking up books that don’t really mean anything to you isn’t much fun and will take away from the pleasure of the activity.

First Editions

If you’re really interested in getting the most collectible books available, you’ll need to do some investigating. For books to be considered “collectible,” they must be of the first edition or printing. This means it was part of the first batch of prints for that particular book.

Find out if your book is a first edition by flipping to the third page. Look at the bottom and you’ll likely notice a series of numbers from one to 10. If a “1” is included in that series, you have a first edition. If you don’t spot the numbers, look for the words “First Edition,” “First Published” or “First Printing.” These books are typically worth the most money and are truly collector’s items. 

Collect By Author

Is there one particular book author who tickles your fancy? If you’re interested in collecting all the books by him or her, make sure you include his or her first book.

These types of books are typically the most collectible, particularly because not many are usually made. After all, the author is new and the publishing house is taking a chance on him or her. Therefore, it is extremely advantageous to obtain a first printing of the author’s first book, because they are typically rare and highly collectible.

Take Care of the Books

One of the most important book collecting tips is to take care of your books. Books that are in good condition are typically worth the most money and will last the longest.

Storing your books out of the sun prevents them from experiencing sun damage, which typically causes fading and drying. Keeping your books in a climate that doesn’t have much humidity is also advantageous, as mildew can grow in such conditions. To increase your chances of keeping a book in good condition, start out by buying an edition that features a hard cover. These are typically more durable and last the longest.

By implementing a few of these book collecting tips into your hobby, you increase the chances of having a long-lasting collection that is valuable.


Book Collecting Tips

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