Easter craft ideas that are fun and easy

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Easter eggs
These Easter eggs are hand-crafted and carefully painted.
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Craft ideas for Easter that are easy to make

There are plenty of Easter craft ideas.  Some crafts are easy and some require a bit more effort and time.  Giving a homemade gift is the best because it comes from the heart.  The person receiving your gift will appreciate the time you took to make it.  This is the perfect kind of Easter gift.

Kids love Easter just as much as they do Christmas.  Plan a weekend of Easter crafts for the entire family.  It's a great way to spend time with your kids.

Easter Bunny Bag


Paper lunch bag or small colored gift bag 

Craft foam sheets in various colors  
Craft eyes  
Safety scissors  
Pencil or pen
Craft foam sheets in various colors  
Craft eyes  
Safety scissors  
Pencil or pen  


  1. Begin with a piece of foam, slightly larger than your bag on the sides, but about the same height.
  2. Fold the foam in half and draw two half circles, just like you would draw the round parts of a letter B. Be careful not to go completely to the fold for the middle line.
  3. Cut along the drawn lines (when you unfold the foam, you'll have two connecting circles).
  4. Cut and attach foam ears on the top circle.
  5. Decorate the bottom circle with foam pieces and craft eyes to make a happy rabbit face.
  6. Draw a small circle about one to two inches in diameter between the ears and cut out just the circle.
  7. Glue the bunny head to bag, leaving the ears above the opening of the bag. Now your bag can hang from a doorknob.

Source: http://spoonful.com/easter

Bunny Ears for Kids

White poster board  
Pink construction paper  
Tacky glue or school glue  
Tape or stapler  
Easter stickers, optional  
Markers, crayons, or colored pencils; optional  


  1. Cut a strip of poster board about 2" wide by about 24" long.
  2. Cut out 2 ears out of poster board each about 8 1/2" long x 3 1/2" wide.
  3. Cut out 2 smaller ears out of pink construction paper.
  4. Glue the pink ears inside the white ears.
  5. Glue the ears inside the band, positioning to fit behind the child's head.
  6. Let the child decorate the head band with stickers, markers, crayons, or colored pencils if they wish.
  7. Tape or staple the band to fit the child. Cut off any excess.

Source: http://spoonful.com

Spring Peeps

Green card stock
Orange card stock
3/4-inch yellow pom-poms
Black seeds


  1. First, make a fold about 3 inches from one short end of a 6- by 9-inch piece of green card stock. Fold the paper again, in the opposite direction, about 2 inches from the other end, as shown.
  2. Trim the shorter flap to resemble grass, then write a springtime greeting or a guest's name across the top of the card.
  3. Glue on baby chicks using -inch yellow pom-poms for the bodies and -inch pom-poms for the heads. Then glue on black seed bead eyes and tiny beaks cut from a piece of folded orange card stock.

Source: http://family.go.com/

Making Easter art projects is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Turn off the TV and turn on the creativity.  Before you begin a project make sure you have the necessary supplies.  Easter craft ideas can be simple to extravagant.  You may need glazes, paints, or flower pots depending on what you are making.

There's no limit to craft ideas.  

  • Before you start your project, make sure to save items such as paper bags, egg cartons, milk cartons, yarn, string, buttons, rubber bands, and anything else that could be used to make the masterpieces.  This way you'll have some materials on hand.
  • Easter craft ideas do not have to take hours to make, and that's probably a good thing. Why? In truth, most kids will not sit for hours to work on craft projects.  
  • Choose crafts that your kids will enjoy and that are easy to make, but also look for ideas that wil get them excited about their creations. Too hard is frustrating, but too simple can be downright boring.  
  • If you're concerned about clean up or stains on clothes, floors or tables, you may want to avoid crafts that use dye.  Look for projects that use washable markers, paints and crayons for easy cleanup.  
And now...get busy! It's almost time for Peter Cottontail!

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