Mother's Day craft projects

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Mom with heart
Mom's special day can be personalized with craft projects made out of commonplace materials and love.
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Any Mother's Day is enhanced with craft projects from the heart

Mom—she’s one crafty lady. She magically stretches a dollar into a banquet of dinner delights. She makes holes disappear from the knees of denim jeans and the hearts of teenage sons and daughters whose best buds have misbehaved.

Some moms transform castoffs into quilts, and quitters into winners. Mom is a master at many things. Mother’s Day craft projects are sure to please her, whether she participates in their creation or is the recipient of handmade gifts originating with family or friends.

Recycle paper bags into fragrant roses

Knowing mom’s penchant for turning useful things into something pretty will lead any creative person to try some craft projects that relate to recycling. An hour or two dedicated to making paper roses dipped in fragrant candle wax will please any mom whose principles of thrift and economy are shared throughout the year with those she loves. Brew some hot java and spend some quality time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment when doing making something for Mom. A touch of whimsy can be added to these paper roses by doing the paper cutting with decorative-edged scissors. Consider also using white or brightly colored paper bags, instead of the traditional brown. Add some elegance by applying a line of sparkly glitter glue to the edges of the flower petals after their construction. The supplies you will need are easy to obtain.   

• Paper bags
• Florist wire
• Florist tape
• Scissors
• Wooden skewers
• A one-pound block of paraffin
• Scented wax pellets
• Glitter glue, optional
• Aluminum can suitable for melting wax

Cut paper bags for this choice of Mother’s Day gift to resemble rose petals but leave a tab at the bottom edge that can be used to anchor the petals to their stems—the wooden skewers. Arrange the petals around a wooden skewer and secure the petals with florist’s wire to the skewer.

Melt the paraffin gently in an aluminum can whose diameter will accommodate the width of the roses. Add to the melted paraffin the scented wax pellets, according to pellet directions or desired strength of scent. Dip each rose into the melted wax so that all petals are coated. Retrieve and let dry.

Wrap the stems of the roses with florist’s tape. Accent the edges of the completed flowers, if desired, with glitter glue. Arrange roses in a bouquet or use them to accent a more lavish Mother’s Day gift such as a dish garden full of tropical plants. Mom will be thrilled at your attempt to please her such a special handmade gift.

Use oatmeal canisters to create a hanging organizer

Most moms are plagued by too much paper—menus from local restaurants, store coupons and bulletins from various clubs and organizations. Each has a use but none are used every day. An array of storage solutions is available. But one also can construct one of the most economical of projects for mom. The organizer is made out of empty oatmeal canisters.

Moms tend to collect things that can be used, later. Mother’s Day craft projects can help reduce that collection. Cardboard oatmeal canisters, for instance, are among the worst offenders. Sure, they have lids and are sturdy. They have no sharp edges. Put them to use a homemade gift she will use for a long, long time.

One oatmeal canister tucked into the cupboard soon becomes half a dozen. Put them to use by making a hanging organizer. Some pretty craft paper or fabric in prints or solids will be of use. You will need just a few supplies.

• Oatmeal canisters—a few, or several
• Scissors and stapler
• Craft paper or fabric to cover canisters
• Hot glue gun or household glue
• One yard or less of ribbon, yarn or string

Cut the bottoms off the oatmeal canisters. Cover cylinders with paper or fabric secured with household glue or a line of hot glue. At the points where the seams are visible, join one canister to the other by stapling the ends or applying a line of hot glue, so that one canister is joined to the other. Put ribbon or string through the tube formed by the uppermost canister and tie into a bow to make a hanger for this attractive, vertical organizer.

Mom will find the cubbyholes formed by the vertical row of oatmeal canisters a suitable place for squirreling away those pesky coupons and other paper clutter. She can easily reach into the canisters to retrieve what she needs but the odds and ends will be out of sight until retrieved and disguised quite prettily—thanks to your choice of useful Mother’s Day art projects.

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