Holiday project ideas with a Santa applique

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santa applique bib
Personalize your baby's bibs with a festive Santa applique
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Add a Santa applique to old decorations to create a fresh new holiday screne

Inspiration for holiday projects tends to strike with the burden of actually having to make them, but there never seems to be enough time. Using a santa applique is an affordable, easy way to make a few handmade holiday decorations for your home.

Sure, you could buy more holiday decorations, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun as making a few yourself or jazzing up your old ones with appliques. Whether kids believe in Santa or not, the jolly man represents the spirit of giving and brings a touch of magic to the often chaotic holiday season. Using holiday appliques on crafts is a quick and simple way to create unique Christmas decorations.

Here are a few holiday craft ideas with a Santa applique:

Christmas Tree Skirt

Use last year's tree skirt or purchase new fabric for your tree skirt. First, measure the length of material you'll need, 2 yards should work for most tree stands. Then:

* Fold your material in half twice. Bring the short corner of the open edge over to the long edge. Cut the open edges of your material in a curve. (practice with paper before cutting your fabric)

* The fabric should form a circle when unfolded. You can also find free Christmas tree skirt patterns at Bomquilts.

* Cut a straight line to the center of your skirt - this will be the slit used to fit the skirt around the tree. Sew the hem around the edge and slit.

* When applying appliques, keep in mind that you'll only be able to see the edges once the tree is in place. Use Santa appliques and white felt to create a festive snow scene around the border. You could also use short pieces of white yarn for fringe.


Santa Wall Hanging

Sew an elegant wall hanging with a solid or small patterned fabric, Santa appliques, some thread and a wooden rod for shape. Choose a color that compliments your home's decor (it doesn't have to be red or green). Sew a border with a contrasting color or small patterned fabric. Select three different Santa appliques in the same style, like Victorian Santas. Arrange the Santas vertically or horizontally and sew or iron them on.

Table Runner, Placemats, Napkins

Embellish your existing holiday table runner or placemats with fun Santa appliques. You can find cheap solid color napkins at the local home goods store. Choose one large Santa for the center and a few elves, snowflakes or stars to keep him company around the edges. Or, add a romantic touch by adding Mrs. Claus to the center. Apply small appliques to one corner of each napkin. Get your 'new' place mat or table runner noticed with strategic placement beneath the eggnog bowl or cookie plate.

Christmas Stockings

Feeling ambitious? Make Christmas stockings from old Christmas sweaters and felt or pick up a few plain red and white stockings. Sew the first initial of the stocking's owner on one side and a fun Santa applique on the other. For a classic look, go for designs with Santa falling down the chimney or placing presents beneath the tree.

Throw Blanket 

Use an inexpensive fleece or felt throw blanket to create a fun holiday scene. Use a variety of house appliques, a sleigh and Santa Claus. Make a small applique of a map of your location with a piece of white fabric and embroider the shape of your state with a star where your town is. When assembled, you'll have a Santa in a winter wonderland trying to locate your home on the map.


Use woven fabric, wool and yarn with a single Santa applique for a subtle, rustic decoration.

Santa appliques are easy to find in craft stores and online year-round. Have fun making your holiday projects!


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