What to buy for grandpa

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Grandpas love presents that feature their grandchildren
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Know what to buy for grandpa that makes his life better in more ways than one

The thing about grandpas is when they want something, they usually go out and get it, which makes buying presents for them a bit tricky. And if you are lucky enough to get a gift idea for grandpa, the item is usually hard to find.

So this leaves the question: What to buy for grandpa? Fortunately, there are a few special gift ideas that he's sure to love.

Photo Albums

There's just about nothing a grandpa likes more than his grandchildren. Filling an album full of pictures of his adored grandchildren is sure to put a smile on his face. And if they are pictures that feature him, as well, that makes it even more special.

You can buy an album and put in photographs yourself, or you can buy an album that can have digital pictures printed right on the pages. This option reduces the chances of the pictures falling out and getting lost.

At Home Message

Grandpa probably enjoys sitting back and relaxing, and getting a foot massage at the same time is likely even better.

Why not treat your grandfather to a home Shiatsu message machine so he can enjoy a a wonderful, relaxing treatment without having to leave home. Not only do these machines feel great on tired, achy feet, they can actually improve circulation, too. 


If you live a good distance away from grandpa, one way to keep in touch is over the Internet. However, the best conversation occurs when you can actually see one another, which is why a webcam is an ideal gift for grandpa. A camera allows him to see his growing grandchildren and makes talking to them much more meaningful. Make sure you get one that is easy to use; however, or else it may end up packed away.

Picture Calendar

Calendars are made for keeping appointments and remembering special days, but they can also be used for viewing special memories. Giving your grandpa a calendar that features personalized photos allows him to see those who mean the most to him on a daily basis. Many stores and websites offer these touching and typically cost-effective gifts that are both practical and special.

Travel Lounge Chair

If your grandpa likes to spend time outdoors, a travel lounge chair is the gift for him. This travel chair is perfect on a camping trip, while watching his grandchildren play sports or simply catching up on that new book on his Kindle. Choose chair that offers cool and comfortable fabric, an easy-to-recline mechanism that's also easy to fold and stash in the trunk until the next time. 

Large-Print Cards

Does your grandpa enjoy a good card game or two? If vision issues are getting in the way of playing, give him the gift of large-print cards. This large print allows him to play against the best of them and feel confident doing so. But watch out...he may be so good now you won't stand a chance!

Now that you know what to buy for grandpa, there's no excuse for giving him the same tie or pair of pajamas he gets every year. He's sure to love the thought and effort of whatever you buy.


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