Choosing the perfect rocking chair

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An upholstered rocking chair is an inviting choice for snuggles.
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A rocking chair or glider is an important choice for you and your baby.

For first time moms and dads: Heads up. The rocking chair is going to be the center of your universe for months to come, especially if your baby is colicky. The rocking chair can save the day when nothing else works. As you furnish your nursery, put special thought and consideration into the type of rocking chair that you want (and need) because you and baby will probably be spending a lot of time sitting in it. You want to spend time choosing the perfect rocking chair: one that is comfortable while you log many miles with your baby.


Do not make your nursery room furniture and rocking chair or glider selection based solely on appearance. A pretty rocking chair can be mighty uncomfortable. Choose a rocking chair that is suitable for your height. If the chair is too big for you and your feet will not touch the ground this is not going to work out. Conversely, if the chair is too small you are also going to feel confined and uncomfortable. Sales staff can assist you in selecting a chair that suits your dimensions.


If the rocking chair is going to be used exclusively indoors do not buy an outdoor rocking chair that is generally made of waterproof wood or metal. The outdoor version is okay but cushions are not always included. You would be better off getting an indoor rocker that features foam padding and cushions. These indoor wood rockers are primarily made of varnished wood.


One of the most important requirements is that the rocking chair provides a flawless rocking motion. Rocking chairs can drive you crazy if the rock is bumping and the motion is not fluid. Rock in the chair before you purchase it. Try the rocking chair on a variety of surfaces in the store, if possible: carpet, tile and hardwood. When ordering a rocking chair online, or selecting from a showroom catalog, make certain that you can exchange or return it. When it arrives, do the same thing: "test drive" it on various floors in your room before making your final decision.


Consider the other type of furniture that you have in your home. Do not buy something that is not going to blend well and or it will be obtrusive in the room. Even though a rocking chair is a special piece of furniture that you may be choosing for a specific purpose, it should coordinate with the style and tone of your other furnishings.


Price is, of course, a condition; however, if you buy a cheap rocking chair you are probably going to regret it. This is one nursery item that you do not want to skimp on because you are going to give it a work out, and it needs to be durable as well as comfortable. Choosing well-made, stylish and distinctive nursery furniture pays dividends with longevity and comfort. Your perfect rocking chair may become a family heirloom. Make a choice that will last lifetimes.


If you have to buy seat pads, make sure that they are comfortable and are going to stay put and not slide around every time you sit down on it. Consider buying chair pads that are stain guarded because babies tend to spit up and make a variety of messes. If the chair pads come with the rocking chair, check and see if they are removable because you will want to wash them occasionally.


It is imperative that the arm rests are comfortable for you. Ideally, there will be arm pads. Some rocking chairs feature arm cushions with pouches where you can store baby items, which is a great and convenient idea. Babies come with a lot of accoutrements.


Some new parents are opting to buy gliders. Gliders combine the smooth, soothing motion of a glider with the back and forth motion of a tradition rocking chair. If you want a glider, pick a safe model that features a locking mechanism that will prevent the hands of your baby from getting caught in the glider. When choosing the perfect rocking chair or glider, inspect it carefully. You do not want any rock edges nor do you want a chair that has a toxic finish. The chair should be sturdy. Gliders come in various styles including wingback, wicker or wood.


Some new parents like to purchase an ottoman or footrest as well. If you are choosing a glider, an ottoman should also be included. There are gliding ottomans and stationary ottomans. If you opt for the gliding version pick one that has a locking option.



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