How to decorate with color for the holidays

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Funky, fun and colorful Christmas trees add a unusual twist to decorating
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Decorate with color for the holidays to be funky or traditional

Unless you can afford new holiday decorations each year, give serious consideration to the colors you choose. You are probably going to be stuck with your ornaments and other holiday decorating accessories for at least a few years or for many years, depending on your holiday budget.

Choose wisely and you will be happy with your decorations year after year. Think about decorating with color to get excited -- and even nostalgic -- each time you drag out the tree ornaments and wreaths.

Decorating with colors for the holidays can be challenging because you have an existing color palette that you need to work with.

When choosing holiday colors, consider what the color theme is of the room where most of the decorations are going to be. If your tree is the focal point of your living room during the holidays and your living room is painted, for example, hot pink or orange, the traditional red and green Christmas colors are going to clash and look dreadful.

Instead of using bright red, switch it up and use burgundy, which will look lovely in your pink living room. Dark greens, rather than grass greens, will go well with the pink walls. Opt for jewel tones, which are deeper and richer than primary colors. Choose rich claret or ruby; jade; rich, saturated yellows; sapphire; emerald and golds.

Consider accessorizing with artificial grapes that come in gorgeous shades of dark red, purple and wine, bottle green and whites. Use the grapes as tree ornaments, put them in bowls or baskets, incorporate the grapes into a wreath, or use as decorations on the mantle. You can even use real fruit and let your friends and family nibble the decor, which is tasty and nutritious, as well as beautiful.


Citrine greens, oranges, pinks and shades of deep lime green or even chartreuse will look exquisite in a turquoise or teal living room. This is an unusual and non-traditional holiday color palette, perhaps, but it is your home and your holiday, and you are free to decorate at you please.

If the holiday you are celebrating is Hanukkah, blue and white are the time-honored colors but there are zillions of shades of blue and white to pick from so you are not limited.  

The colors associated with Kwanzaa are red, green and black. Once again, you can use all three colors or just one or two of them. You can vary the tone to suit the interior of your home.

Blue is a beautiful color choice for holiday decorations. It is moody and unexpected but that does not mean it cannot work. The blue you use can be midnight blue, cerulean, cobalt, navy, indigo, sky blue, slate, azure, cyan or a light powder blue. Veer off into the aquamarine or teal shades, which are blue-greens and this will result in a beautiful holiday look. Choose twinkling blue lights for your tree.

Get really funky and use audacious pink, green and blue metallic ornaments and materials throughout your house. Toss in some silver details. Another modern and edgy holiday color theme is based on citrine greens with purples and splashes of hot pink.

Buy some shimmery cloth at a fabric store and drape it around your tree. Purchase spray paint and spray your old ornaments a wild metallic color. Glue sequins to Styrofoam balls and hang them on the tree. Pick an unusual color for your tree lights that will accent the atypical color theme that you have chosen.  

Drape colored lights over your indoor plants. Incorporate costume jewelry into your decorations for more glitter and shimmer. Go online and find sites that sell rope lighting. It is affordable and comes in a wealth of colors. You might even want to pick your lights first and then build your holiday scheme based on them.  

Gold and silver never, ever go out of style when decorating with color. Use them separately or together. Gold and silver are both very classy and elegant looking.  

An all-white Christmas theme is beautiful: A green tree decorated all in white, white stockings, white packages, ribbons and bow is an exquisite look. Whites run the gamut from pure white to eggshell, ivory, cream, antique white and champagne. Mix the different shades of white together when decorating your holiday tree and the rest of your home. Toss in some silver or gold for a bit of contrast and sparkle. 


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