What are types of windows?

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casement window
This is a casement window, which will add curb appeal to your home
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Builders consider what are types of windows best suited to a structure

Windows can make or break a house. Have you ever seen a perfectly nice home that would have been a superlative home had the builder considered what are types of windows that would be most aesthetically pleasing with the highest energy impact. Larger or creatively shaped windows are always more attractive than little peepholes that make the house look off balance and prison-like.

For example, why donít people use bigger windows in their bathrooms? In most cases, you can always tell from the outside exactly which room is the bathroom because of the tiny ďI am a bathroom windowWindows can be frosted or tinted so you canít see through them, which allows you to put bigger windows in private rooms and no one will see you lounging in your tub.

Tinting windows provides you with privacy. Instead of covering them with drapes, tint allows you to showcase the window from the inside out. Sunlight can get in but dust and dirt and allergens will not be a problem. Filmed or tinted windows increase your security because the tinting makes the windows shatter proof. It also protects windows from hail, rain and strong winds. Tinting your windows will also save money because you will use less air conditioning during the summer months.



If you want light but donít want your neighbors or passersby to be able to see in, use glass blocks. Glass blocks are patterned squares of glass that are textured or frosted for privacy. Your privacy is not compromised. This is a great type of window for a bathroom. Glass block windows are easy to maintain and are energy efficient.

The downside of this type of glass is that they distort images and light on the other side of the glass meaning that your visibility is going to be reduced when looking out. You canít open this type of window so it doesnít provide any ventilation.



If you are the lucky homeowner of a residence with a breath-taking view, consider installing seamless windows, which provide an obstructed view. Seamless windows are specialty windows and are going to cost more.  The advantage of this type of window is that it provides sweeping views and creates the sense that you are outside. The disadvantage is that a seamless window is not ideal when it comes to ventilation of your room.



Double hung windows are a favorite because theyíre so aesthetically pleasing both from the outside and inside. Double hung means that the two halves of the window move up or down within the window frame. This type of windows has two sashes. The sash is the part of the window that holds glass. There is a lower sash and upper, positioned one over the other, which allow venting from either the top or the bottom. 

A double hung window can be used in a traditional, contemporary or historic home. They donít encroach on exterior space so they are ideal for porches, walkways and patios. However, this is not the most energy efficient window because air leakage occurs. Because they can only be opened half-way, airflow is restricted.



Casement windows are a great choice. You can open them and let the breeze waft through your home. Casement windows are hinged on one side and swing outward like a door, either to the left or right. Hook shaped locks are placed in the frames which makes this type of window difficult to break into. The disadvantage is that the outward part is exposed to the elements and it can become weather worn.


Awning windows provide light and breeze in your home and allow ventilation. They open outward from the bottom. Screens for this type of window are set on the inside rather than the outside which means dirt can fall into your room. Awning windows that are reachable from the ground pose a security risk.


Jalousie windows are made of glass slats that are set in metal clips that can be closed and opened in unison. This type of window is also called a louvered window and looks similar to a shutter. You manually open and shut the slats. These windows canít be sealed so theyíre not good in areas where it gets really hot or cold because they donít keep the heat in and will let the air conditioned air out.


Palladian windows are gorgeous and are derived from Palladian architecture, which was the creation of Andrea Palladio, an Italian architect in the 14th century. Palladian windows are frequently used on the second floor of a home and sometimes above the front entrance of a home. These windows are rounded and arched. Sometimes there are two small windows on the side of a bigger window. Palladian windows make a grand appearance. They also increase the natural lighting in our home. You cannot open Palladian windows so they do not provide any ventilation.


Picture windows bring to mid post World War II architecture. Practically every house in the neighborhood had a picture window smack dab in the center of the living room. Picture windows are big and let in light and allow you to see out. Picture windows are vulnerable to breakage and sometimes it is hard to decorate around them because they are so large and such a focal point in a room.


A bay window provides multiple views to the outside and some of the windows (the ones on the sides) can be opened for added air circulation. Bay windows are often found in kitchens but can be used elsewhere in the home. Many homeowners display plants in the cove that the bay area creates. If you have a dark room, adding a bay window will definitely bring in more natural light.


This type of window is usually installed in a basement. It is a casement window that is flipped on its side and the entire pane tilts open inward. The fact that these windows tilt inward can create a problem regarding decorating and how to dress the windows. This is not a good window when itís raining because the rain will drip inside. Hopper windows can present a security risk because theyíre installed in the basement and are accessible.


Skylights are placed in the ceiling and provide you with natural light from above. Skylights are private, so they are often used in bathrooms, or in kitchens where wall space is at a premium. This would be a nice touch in your bedroom. You could lie in bedroom and look upward at the moon and stars.

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