When to choose a land line or cell phone

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Cell phones are a remarkable convenience but land lines still serve a purpose
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Choosing between a land line and cell phone: tough, not impossible, decision

Land line? Cell phone? Or both? Do you have to choose?

Some of us older folks are probably in the "both" camp.

An unnecessary expense? Perhaps, but if you're not attached at the hip to your cell phone, as some aren't and don't hear it ring because it's stashed away in the bowels of your purse, it makes sense to have a land line. You are more likely to hear a land line when you are at home, regardless of where you are in the house.

Young people tend to be nomadic so it is logical that they are cell phone owners. Young people often don't need a a land line because they usually don't stay put in one location long enough to justify the expense.

Long distance phone calls
If you have to decide on one or the other, consider how much you use your land line, how much youíre paying for it each month, including additional fees and taxes, and how much you are paying for long-distances calls.

Remember that you can call long distance at no extra cost on a mobile phone.

Of course, you could keep both phones and limit your long-distance calls to the cell but that doesnít eliminate those other charges that hit you every month. If your land line includes features such as call-waiting you are paying for that, too.

Length of your phone calls

Do you talk more than two hours a day on the land line?

If you do you may want to hold onto it. The advantage of a land line is that you are paying a fixed rate and have unlimited usage and all the family members can use it.

If you talk a lot on the phone, it may be cheaper to stick with a land line because you are going to be charged if you go over your monthly minutes on a cell phone.  Land lines donít increase your fee regardless of how long you talk.

How many people use your phone

If you ditch the land line you are going to have to get cell phones for every member of your family.

Well, you donít have to but there is no way to contact that family member when he is at home if you donít have a land line and he doesnít have a cell phone.

If you have a large family, you can put a land line in each personís bedroom on a single line which is cheaper than getting cell phones for everyone in the family. Yes, there are cell phone family plans, but they may cost more than a single land line.

Connecting to the Internet

If you use your land line to connect to the Internet that is a big reason not to get rid of it. However, there are other Internet hook-up options that you can consider, which make it possible to get rid of the land line.

Cable modems provide high-speed Internet and use cable TV lines rather than the phone lines.

Cell phone reception (or lack of it)

Do you get excellent reception on your cell phone in every room of your house and elsewhere?

You donít want to have an inferior cell phone in an emergency.
One disadvantage of cell phones is that they arenít as dependable as a land line. Your location, the weather or a dead battery can all affect the function of your cell phone.

There is the possibility that your cell phone wonít work during a power outage but your land line will. On the other hand, your cell may work when your land line doesnít due to a power outage.

These are very important considerations to mull over before you make the leap, one way or another.

Yes, itís certainly something to ponder. Think about choosing a land line or cell phone very seriously before you take the plunge and get rid of one phone or the other. Get out your calculator. If you crunch the numbers you can determine which way is the best to go financially.

However, you must also think about your familyís safety and the ability to get in contact with them at all times. You donít want to shortchange yourself in that respect.

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