How to attach an awning to a patio

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patio awning
Patio awnings provide sun and heat protection.
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Use this DIY guide to attach an awning to your patio

Patio awnings provide protection from the sun, heat and rain. They also add value and a decorative touch to your home. You can attach an awning to a patio yourself using the instructions that come with the awning. While not difficult to do, awnings are bulky so attaching them is a job for two people. 

Items needed to attach an awning to a patio:

Most of the materials you'll need will be included with your awning purchase. However, these tools and materials will be needed:

* Tape measure
* Level
* Electric drill
* 3/8 inch lag bolts long enough to penetrate studs at least 2 inches deep
* Caulking line
* Socket or adjustable wrench
* Screw driver

Here's a checklist to run through before you begin

- Read the manufacturer's instructions.

- Double check your measurements and make sure your awning will be able to extend and retract without hitting branches, windows, doors or other obstructions.

- Will the material you've chosen for the awning meet all of your needs? Have you treated the material to be weatherproof if you expect the awning to protect you from rain?

- Re-measure the awning attachment and your exterior wall or roof edge ensure you have enough room.

- If you need to secure posts into the ground to support your patio awning, note the locations of any electrical, gas, water or cable hookups in the ground.

Step One

Find the location of your wall studs and any electrical wires in your sidewall.

Step Two

Slant the awning at least 1/4 inch per square foot or water can leak into your home. Use a level to make sure that the top of your awning is even.

Step Three

Position your awning attachment and mark the location of studs to determine where you will drill. Drilling into the siding alone will not provide enough support to hold the awning long-term.

Step Four

Attach the awning to the wall studs with the brackets provided with the awning.

Step Five

Use caulk to seal the seam where your awning attaches to the exterior to prevent weather damage.

If you do not have a retractable awning with a lateral arm, you will probably need to secure supports posts in the ground.

Securing Support Posts

Here are two ways to secure support posts:

1.    To secure a post to a concrete slab, use a masonry bit to drill a hole three inches deep and triple the diameter of your bolt. Add construction adhesive inside of the holes. Insert your anchor into the hole then turn the bolt until tight. Attach the post base to the bolts, secure with washers and nuts.

2.    As long as your soil is not sandy, you should be able to secure the posts with a hole 16 to 32 inches deep and a foot wide. Pour cement into the hole and then insert the posts. Apply pressure as the cement begins to dry. Allow the concrete to dry completely before filling the hole or the hole will widen.

Enjoy the cooling shade of your decorated patio before moving onto you next home improvement project!


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