How to design with plants

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water feature
A water feature with plants is a spectacular design element
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Knowing how to design with plants changes both your inside and outside spaces

You can design using plants indoors and outdoors and turn an ordinary and unremarkable space into a virtual jungle.

There are some people who are crazy about plants and want them inside their homes and situated throughout their property. Foliage plants are flexible: Some of your outdoor plants can come inside during the winter and some of your indoors plants can go outdoors during the summer. You can keep the plant design going year round.
Serious gardeners - as well as amateurs - should consider adding a beautiful greenhouse to their property, or having a garden room built as an addition to your home. This will add seasonal flexibility to your growing efforts. 


A wonderful way to create a focal point, particularly outside, is by doing an arrangement of potted plants. One of the first things you may learn when explored how to design with plants is the use of containers. You can use any kind of container, but classic outdoor planters and terra cotta clay pots are considered the best by many plant aficionados. They look handsome, are sturdy and durable. Terracotta pots impart a Tuscan or old world vibe that appeals to many.

One of the advantages of planting in pots is that you can move the pots if you want to. If you decide that, nope, the lavender shouldnít be next to the Coreopsis you donít have to dig up anything. Simply pick up the pot and move it elsewhere.

Another good thing: If you move, you can take your perennial potted plants with you. You donít have to muck around in the yard trying to dig them up.

Put your plants in pots of different sizes, heights and shapes and locate them in a section of your patio or yard or on your porch. This becomes a focal point. Use plant stands so that there is a height differential, which increases the visual interest.

If your flower garden isnít looking so great you can nestle potted flowers in the garden and this perks up the area. With strategically placed flower pots, no one will notice that your impatiens and petunias arenít doing so well.

Hang some flower pots in your house or outdoors. Hanging plants definitely ramp up the visual interest and plant design.


Create a magnificent water feature design with water lilies and other aquatic plants in your back yard. A water garden will increase your pleasure and the value of your home and property. It can be designed as you please and surrounded by plants that thrive near water.

Add a flag stone walkway or stepping stones, a garden bench, some lounge chairs and fish, of course, and this is an idyllic spot to sit at day's end and release your pent-up tension. You might even want to add a waterfall. The sound of water is extremely soothing.


Vines/climbers can provide you with privacy from your neighbors, hide eye sores such as old structures. Vines are beautiful while being functional. Silver lace vine or autumn sedum, wisteria, trumpet vine, honeysuckle and a host of other vines, varying in color and style, can create a stunning backdrop for your yard. If you hate your chain link fence but are stuck with it, grow vines on it and, voila, you can't see it. Grow vines over pergolas, gazebos or trellises. This is a romantic look and great for weddings and other events that take place on your property.

Plants and flowers introduce color, texture and visual interest to your home and property. You can select a formal design, or informal. You may like wildflowers as opposed to roses or other more traditional flowers. You may prefer strange plants, such as the elephant ear, which is huge. If you are fixated on the color blue or any color, you can create a design featuring a variety of flowers and plants that are that color.

If your lot is shady, design with shade loving plants, such as hostas and impatiens. On the other hand, a bright lot needs flowers that like sunlight.

Ornamental grasses are a great back-drop for your plant design. You can do wonderful spring designs with tulips, that are long-lasting and brilliantly colored. Your options are endless.

You can create your own plant design or consult with a landscape artist.

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