How to use bath salts

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Make a soothing bath even more so with bath salts
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Knowing how to use bath salts means relaxation is just one tub away

After a long, hard day, there’s not much that’s more relaxing – and needed – than a good soak in the bathtub. The warm water soothes an aching body and mind, while encouraging you to unwind and forget about your troubles.

Bath salts make this already seemingly perfect situation even better. Perhaps you’ve seen them in the store or were given them as a gift, but aren’t sure how to use bath and cell salts. Fortunately, it couldn’t be much easier and the results are oh-so-worth the minimal effort.

You may be wondering what bath salts are and what’s so great about them.

First, bath salts hail from the Dead Sea, or could also be composed of Epsom salts. Bath salt purists argue that using bath salts that are anything other than real sea salt decreases the potency and enjoyment of the bath experience, so it’s a good idea to stick with them. Fragrance and color are typically added to the salts to make them look good and smell even better, making for a blissful bathing experience.

Using the bath salts couldn’t be easier and a variety of ways are available to help you get your soak on.

Bath salt in a bag

One way is to pour the salts into a bag made of cheesecloth. You can use a few tablespoons or more – it all depends on your preference. Tie the bag shut, then drop it into your water-filled tub. Moving the bag around allows the salt essence to distribute throughout the water, getting the water fragranced and feeling good. If you don’t have a cheesecloth bag, wrap a washcloth around the salts and tie it up so that the salts are enclosed. Poke a few small holes – big enough for water to come in, but smaller than the salts – in the towel with a skewer and use the bag in the same manner.

Bath salt in the water

You can also place the salts directly into the water, as well. Do so by grabbing a handful of the colorful, fragrant rocks and place your hand under the running tub water. The stream of water distributes the salts throughout the tub, allowing you to get the full benefit of the salts.

Bath salt exfoliant

You can also use the salts to get your skin super soft and smooth. Simply take a handful of fine-grain salts and add some water until they form a paste. Then rub the mixture over your skin and rinse off. You’re left with skin that feels silky and smells beautiful.

Besides using the salts in the tub, you can also use them for decoration. Bath salts poured into glass jars and vases are gorgeous, particularly when placed around your tub. The pretty decorations can make your experience even more enjoyable, as you’ll have something elegant and soothing to look at while you’re soaking.

When you’re looking for salts, go with the purest variety you can find. Pure salts contain minerals that are beneficial to your skin. These minerals are often lost when the salts are over-processed. And take the color of the salts into consideration. Blue salts, which make the water blue, are typically soothing and help you to relax. Brighter colors, like yellow and orange, can invigorate you if you’re feeling tired. Bottom line, bath salts are beneficial in so many ways.

Now that you know how to use bath salts, you can enjoy your tub time even more. You’ll come out with softer skin and likely with a whole new mindset, as well.


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