Planning an apartment move

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Packing is one of the biggest steps when you plan an apartment move
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Three tips to help you plan the move to your new apartment

When you need to plan an apartment move, sometimes you know months in advance, and sometimes the need arises quickly because of unforeseen circumstances. Even in the latter case, planning an apartment move and organizing your efforts as much as possible will keep the transition from overwhelming you so much.


Considering Your New Apartment


When you plan an apartment move, you may find yourself facing different storage configurations between your old and new homes. This factor can affect your move.


The less junk you have, the easier it will be to plan an apartment move. Take a few moments to evaluate what items you can get rid of. For the following reasons, this is an important step when  planning an apartment move. If you're moving into a place with more built-in storage, you may wish to get rid of storage solutions you're using. If you're moving into a place with less built-in storage, you can decide now if you will need any additional indoor storage options. You can opt to buy these items after you move, but if you at least have an idea what you'll need, you can get rid of items that won't fit in your new home.

Getting rid of unwanted items and furnishings now will save you work later, especially if you're doing all the packing and moving yourself.


Preparing a Checklist


A checklist is a useful tool when you plan an apartment move. It can keep your personal schedule on track with your moving schedule and help you get things done in a more timely manner. You can find moving checklists online, but none of them may cover all the bases for your situation. To prepare the most thorough and useful checklist, search for a variety of different checklists online. Read through them and jot down all the tasks you need to complete.


Next you should divide these tasks up by however many weeks you have to complete your move. Reorder the tasks to make the most sense. If you've made a mess of the first list, you may want to type up and print off your final version.


Organizing Your Packing


Packing is one of the biggest tasks you must complete after you plan an apartment move. Unless you can dedicate time off work to unpacking in your new apartment, you will probably unpack some essentials in your first day or two and gradually unpack the rest of your belongings as you can, before you go to work or after you return home. If you will be living with partially unpacked boxes for days or even weeks, you'll want to know exactly where everything is.


Just as planning a checklist takes longer in the beginning but pays off later, so does organizing your packing. Make an inventory of each box you pack and then number the outside of the boxes with a marker. Write the corresponding number on each inventory list. Then, when you're looking for an item later, you can find it on the appropriate list and know exactly which box contains the item you need.


Make sure you know where your hand tools are, too. You may need them to reassemble bed frames and other furniture, fix simple problems in your new apartment, or hang pictures.


Other Resources


As you plan an apartment move, you might be interested in other tips unique to your situation. Check out these resources:


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