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How to create a LinkedIn group

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LinkedIn operates on a chain networking theory: Each person links to another until the ultimate connection is made
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Start here for creating your LinkedIn group

To create a LinkedIn group, you must first sign up as a member of the site. LinkedIn is a career-oriented social media website that allows you to post your resume and network with other professionals, clients, colleagues, businesses, or former classmates. Other sites may be more useful if you want to connect with people who share your hobbies or interests, but LinkedIn has become the premier business networking site.


If you need to know how to create a LinkedIn group, you can find all the basics on LinkedIn's Group Management page.


How to Know If You Need to Create a LinkedIn Group


Because the purpose of the LinkedIn site is to promote business connections, the folks behind the site want you to limit groups to things that are professional in nature. They encourage groups for alumni, corporations, conferences, nonprofit organizations, and so forth.


Be prepared to give some time to the effort. If you really want to maximize your LinkedIn group management, you can, but it will require your energy and time.


How to Create a LinkedIn Group


You create a LinkedIn group by visiting your personal "Groups" page, which you can access from your dashboard. You will need a logo, group name, description, and other information. So you may want to think all these things through before you actually create a LinkedIn group.


Fill in all required information on the form and follow the guided process, and you will create a LinkedIn group. You will have to agree to LinkedIn's Terms and Conditions, and your request to create a group must be reviewed and accepted by a member of LinkedIn's team.


How to Customize a LinkedIn Group


After you finish all the steps to create a LinkedIn group and your request is approved, you can customize management of the group. For instance, you can choose to add other managers, or you can transfer "ownership" to another person. At any point, you can also modify the original logo, description, and other information you submitted to create the group. You can make these changes by clicking on the appropriate links: Members, Managers, or Edit Info and Settings.


How to Make the Most of Your Group


If you take the time and trouble to create a LinkedIn group and then manage it, you want the best results you can get for your time, right? Read Ellie Mirman's "5 Tips for Creating, Promoting and Managing a LinkedIn Group" for suggestions on how to maximize your efforts. The article contains five tips under each category (creating, promoting, managing), so you'll actually encounter fifteen tips to guide you as you create a LinkedIn Group and maintain it afterward.



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