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How to find the job for you

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Knowing where to look is part of knowing how to find the job for you

We've all been there: looking for a job, trying to leave current job or just getting out of college/graduate school and needing to find a job as soon as possible. Finding a job that suits your skills, knowledge and abilities is a process with certain steps that should be completed to fulfill this to the max. 

Everything from where to search for a job, to how to write your resume and present it to employers, as well as how to conduct yourself during a job interview will be touched in this article.So, let's learn how to find the job for you!

Searching for a Job

One of the first steps you'll need to do is find the places where the open job opportunities are. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Online Job Sites: sites such as Monster and Indeed are great places to start the search. You can search by zip code, salary, job title and more!
  • Job/Career Fairs: normally done in colleges and school, job fairs are a great place to meet prospective employers if you are just finishing school. Also, companies host job fairs to recruit new employees yearly. Contact companies you are interested in applying.


Applying for a Job

Remember that applying for a job should always be specifically tailored to each company. Do not send out massive, general cover letters to everyone.

  • Drafting your Resume: each resume should be specific to the job you are applying for, so anything irrelevant to the position, remove. Print in white/cream paper, with black ink and understandable font.
  • Creating a Cover Letter: as with resumes, cover letters should address your skills and why you’d be the perfect fit for this job opening. Research the company and add a few of the things you like best about it and how you agree with their objectives.
  • Putting a Portfolio Together: artists and writers need to create a portfolio of their work, be it online or in print. If printing, use the highest quality print method you can afford.
  • Sending in your Application: either use reliable mailing resources or send via internet. Make sure to spell check your emails, as well as having the correct email for the Human Resources or hiring department.

Interviewing for a Job

  • What to Bring: be prepared and ask beforehand if you need to bring a copy of your resume, portfolio or anything else to make the interview go smoothly.
  • How to Dress: business attire is called exactly that because it is what you should wear when conducting business. Dress for the job you WANT, not the job you have!
  • Be Prepared: review common interview questions, read about the companies and the press coverage it has had and be ready to answer everything! Being prepared shows you have what it takes and are an organized person.


Remember to be patient and send out queries on a daily basis. Jobs do not fall from the sky and you have to work hard to get the one you want! Good luck on the job hunt!



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