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How to make a ghost

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Ghost Decoration
A homemade ghost will spook your guests
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Learn how to make a ghost using simple tools for a holiday decoration

Halloween is the perfect time of year to make fun and creative costumes and decorations such as ghosts. In addition to witches and goblins, ghosts are a traditional symbol of Halloween and a great way to decorate a haunted house to delight house guests.

There are various methods to making a ghost; however, the process does not have to be complex or lengthy. Rather, learn how to make a ghost at home using the following materials and guide from


1 white balloon

2 white plastic bags




Black marker


  1. Inflate a white balloon using your mouth or an air-pump. Avoid having little children perform this activity to avoid any danger such as inhalation or snapping of the balloon.
  2. Gather two white plastic bags that have no handles or writing on them. If handles are present, cut them off using scissors.
  3. Turn each bag upside down with the open end facing down. Cut each bag into strips along its length while keeping the closed end that is seamed intact. It should have the resemblance of a grass skirt.
  4. Using tape, gently attach the bag skirts to the bottom end of the balloon that is not knotted.
  5. Draw a face or write a phrase on the balloon using a dark or black marker.
  6. Tie a string to the knotted end of the balloon so it can be hung from a ceiling indoors or a tree outdoors.

Voila! This is a simple and easy ghost-making method that should be made only with adult accompaniment and not small kids. Have fun with your ghosts and try taping some straw or fake hair onto its head for a fun hair-do effect.

Besides serving as a decoration however, making a ghost is also a great idea for a Halloween costume. You can skip buying your costume this year by gathering a few simple materials for a fun and classic homemade costume. Try following the steps below to make your own.


White tights or stockings

White bathing suit

Old white bed sheet


Safety pins

White ghost wig

White face paint



1. Lay out an old white bed sheet or white fabric and cut strips into it using scissors. Strips should be 3 to 4 inches apart. Cut the strip approximately 3/4 of the way up the sheet such that the top half is still intact. The final effect should resemble a flowing grass-like skirt.

2. Put on a white one-piece bathing suit. Alternatively, an exercise leotard that is tight-fitting and white may work. If it's a cold evening or party or you are body-conscious, wear a white light-weight cardigan or tight white shirt over the suit.

3. Put on white stockings.

4. Wrap the bed sheet around your waist and pin tightly with a few safety pins to secure the skirt.

5. Put a white ghost wig on your head.

6. Paint your face white with white face paint. Use make-up to add dramatic eyelashes, eyes and black lips.

This is a simple, quick and easy ghostly Halloween costume for people looking for a last-minute idea that is also inexpensive!

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