Finger painting fun for kids

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child's finger painted handprint
Children love the freedom of finger painting. Every project creates an exciting work of art to share.
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Here is a list of finger painting activities for kids

Kids love the colorful messiness of finger painting. Finger painting for kids is an activity that gives them a chance to be creative, to learn about colors, and to enjoy the satisfaction of making something with their hands. With a wide range of different color combinations and types of surfaces to paint on, every time kids roll up their sleeves to finger paint, the possibilities of what they can do are wide open.


Finger Painting on Flower Pots

Introduce kids to different types of surfaces to finger paint on by giving them an old clay flower pot. Pots come in different sizes so you can start small. Young children may play with rainbows of colors, while an older child may choose to paint a specific design or picture. In the end, you’ll have a colorful planter and the kids will feel like they’ve added their personal touch to the front porch or yard. These pots break if they are dropped so this activity works best if kids are sitting on the floor or at a low table.


Finger Painting Animals

From story books to puppet shows and cartoons, children are continuously engaged in stories about animals. Finger painted animals can be colorful and funny, they can be scary, or strange and mysterious. Animals capture the imagination. Kids are smart and they know more than they realize about what animals eat, how they run, even their habitats. Encourage kids to share their interests and knowledge by asking them to finger paint their favorite animals.


Fashion Shows and Super Hero Parades

Ever notice how excited kids get around Halloween? They describe their costumes in intricate detail and spend weeks anticipating the night when they get to become their favorite super hero, creature, or character. Why not let the fun of finger painting for kids carry over into a little performance? Either draw a figure on a piece of paper or try cutting the paper into the simple shape of a person. Kids can invent a super hero of their own, make a portrait of one they already know, or simply have fun creating a crazy costume or dress. Once the paintings are completely dry, put on music and march them through the house for all pets and siblings to admire.


No Clean-Up Necessary

Kids tend to get fully immersed when they finger paint. A few simple steps to keep the colors on the paintings and not your walls will ensure that everybody has a good time. Plus, the easier an activity is to clean, the more often it can be enjoyed. Here are a few tips to make clean-up a cinch:

  • Designate the painting area and cover it with a large drape cloth or old shower curtain, anything that’s large enough to cover the entire surface. Newspapers work especially well when they’re taped together .
  • Old button down shirts make ideal smocks because they come off easily and protect clothes.
  • Clean up with warm soapy water as soon as the kids are done painting. But first, remind them to sign their work. They can write their name or make a hand print. Every masterpiece needs a signature!

Easy Recipe for Finger Paint

Making your own finger paint will not only save you money if your kids like to finger paint a lot, but you’ll have a chance to teach your kids how to mix colors. You can make your own finger paint with this simple recipe:

Food coloring


  1. Combine equal parts white flour and cold water into a large bowl. Have kids stir the water while you slowly add the flour.
  2. Divide the mixture into small cups.
  3. Add drops of food coloring and stir. Choose one or two special colors to make by combining primary colors. This color chart is an easy reference for mixing primary colors to create secondary colors.

Whether you’re making the most of a rainy day or hosting a birthday party of young artists, finger painting is a fun craft for kids because it’s both playful and challenging. Finger painting for kids doesn’t require rules or lessons and the pictures make great gifts and decorations. As kids grow older, the paintings they made will hold fond memories of childhood.


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