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Desserts to make on a campfire

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marshmallows and campfire
Wiener forks make roasting marshmallows and cooking campfire desserts easier.
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Tips and recipe sources for desserts over a campfire

If you have a sweet tooth, campfire desserts might be the most delicious part of the whole camping experience. With a few pieces of cooking equipment and a fire, you open a range of options beyond toasted marshmallows.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment

You'll need recipes for desserts to make on a campfire, but in most cases, you'll also need some special outdoor cooking equipment. You can buy the equipment from stores that sell hunting, fishing, camping supplies, and outdoor gear. Camping sections at discount stores sometimes have a few cooking tools, but their selection is usually pretty limited. To get everything you need for campfire desserts, you may need to shop at outdoor specialty stores online or make the rounds through some yard sales.

These are a few types of cooking gear that you will commonly need if you want to make a variety of campfire desserts:

  • Wiener fork: This is a handy tool to cook hot dogs over the fire. But it's also handy for campfire desserts if you want to roast marshmallows or make a variation of s'mores. And it's easier than looking for a suitable stick.
  • Pie iron: This is also a double-duty tool. You can make pizzas from toppings stuffed between two pieces of buttered bread, or you can make a grilled cheese sandwich or a variation. As far as campfire desserts go, you can use the iron to cook pie fillings between the bread.

  • Dutch oven: You will probably need a heavy-duty Dutch oven if you want to make any kind of cobbler or cake over your campfire. Some recipes call for other cooking equipment, but if you plan to make many campfire desserts, a Dutch oven is not a bad investment. You can cook meals in it, too.
  • Tin foil: Foil is useful for a variety of campfire desserts that need to cook in individual portions.

Adapting Your Favorite Recipes

You can adapt your favorite recipes into campfire desserts if you prepare your ingredients beforehand. For instance, you can often make a homemade cake pretty easily if you measure out and mix up all the dry ingredients into a plastic bag. On the campsite, you can mix the wet ingredients (also pre-measured) with the contents of the plastic bag. Mix the batter in the Dutch oven to cut down on dishes, and cook the cake over the fire.

Good desserts to make on a campfire include cakes, cobblers or crisps, s'more variations, popcorn, roasted fruits, and breads.

Recipes for Campfire Desserts

Besides adapting your favorites, you can also use recipes created specifically for campfire desserts. Browse recipes on these three sites if you need ideas for desserts to make on a campfire:

  • Love the Outdoors: This site lists a wealth of campfire desserts on one page. If you don't like one, move on to the next.
  • Joy of Camping: This site contains instructions for s'more variations.
  • Matador Network: This site repeats some of the recipes from the first one, but the layout is more professional. And if you don't want to look through too many selections, this one limits the campfire desserts to a handful.

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