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Theme party toys and novelties make it fun

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Dinosaurs are one possible focus for a kid theme party.
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Tips: Shopping for a theme party

Kids usually enjoy theme party toys and novelties, whether as crafts, party favors, games, or prizes. Themes pull everything together, including the decorations, activities, and food. And themes can narrow your choices, too, so you don't become overwhelmed with the planning phase. Choosing party novelties for kid theme parties comes after you decide on a theme.


Kinds of Themes


You can pick any theme that is common enough for you to find appropriate theme party toys and novelties. If you're creative and have some spare time, you can make decorations and games, but you'll probably want to buy party novelties for kid theme parties. You'll save a lot of time that way. Plus, you can buy theme party novelties at great prices from carnival and novelty suppliers.


Think about what your child likes. Theme party toys and novelties make the biggest splash if they are greeted with enthusiasm by the child of honor. Maybe he or she has long-standing interests or maybe just entered a fad or phase. Either type of interest will work. The theme could deal with a specific animal, favorite TV shows or books, games (board or video), sports, hobbies such as stickers or rubber stamps, favorite colors, or anything else that's not too narrow a focus. For example, pink and yellow polka-dotted bunnies would probably be too narrow a party theme, unless you want to make everything yourself.


Planning the Party


Once you decide the theme, you can start planning different elements and shopping for theme party toys and novelties. You'll need plans and materials for food, decorations, activities/games, and perhaps party favors. Keep your theme in mind while you plan all aspects of the party.


For instance, if your theme is dinosaurs, you can incorporate the following into your party planning:


  • Get supplies to bake a homemade dinosaur cake
  • Choose some other dinosaur recipes
  • Use plates, napkins, cups, or tablecloths that display dinosaurs
  • Plan a challenge where each kid or team tries to build the animal from Legos
  • Buy dino toys or games to award to the winner of each activity or game
  • Buy or build a dinosaur bean bag toss


Choosing Party Novelties for Kid Theme Parties


You may find choosing theme party novelties to be the most challenging part of the planning process. Especially if you choose a generic theme (not character-based), you can find hundreds of items, many for a low price. To avoid overspending, make sure to set a budget before you begin the party planning, and remain within the budget's limits, especially when you're shopping for theme party novelties.


Slicing the Cost of Theme Party Toys and Novelties


If you find you don't have enough money in the budget to cover theme party novelties, you can try a few things to slice the cost. If you want to buy more expensive, activity-based novelties, consider buying fewer and letting the kids play or interact in groups. Split up items that can be divided, such as stickers and temporary tattoos, so they will go farther. Don't give out party favors; save your money for prizes. If you don't want anyone to feel left out, don't give out any favors or prizes; just buy things everyone can participate in, such as pinatas, bean bag tosses, dress-up costumes, and so forth.


More Ideas


If you need more theme ideas, check out Party 411's Free Theme Party Ideas.

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