How to get followers on Pinterest

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Pinterest allows you to share your interests with others
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Pin down some followers on Pinterest by taking time to think out your boards

Pinterest is an online pin board that allows you to share items you like so others can see them. It also lets you organize items you like on the web. You can use Pinterest collections for decorating your home, planning your wedding or even saving recipes, as this social site allows you to store items you like all in one place.

Having Pinterest followers means others can see your items and peruse your boards as well.

Wondering how to get followers on Pinterest? Follow these tips for pinners:

Link to Other Social Media Websites

When you join Pinterest, you are connected with other members who share the same interests as you and you can choose to follow them. When you link your social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter to your Pinterest account, you can earn additional followers by becoming friends with their friends who share the same interests. You can also show your friends on these sites where you are on Pinterest so they can follow you.

Pinterest Social Media Button

Have a website or blog? One easy way to get followers on Pinterest is to feature the Pinterest Social Media Button on your page. Those who visit your website or blog on their laptops, tablets or other electronic gadgets can get connected with you on Pinterest and become followers.

Pick a Good Name

One of the fun things about creating boards on Pinterest is naming them. If you need to know how to get followers on Pinterest, one way to is to give those boards a good name. Sure, you could make your board name catchy and smart, but it might not allow others to know what your board is about.

The best rule of thumb is to make the board name obvious. For instance, if you're collecting cookie recipes, name it something like "cookie recipes." You could get more detailed, such as stating what kind of cookies, but making it easy to find the boards is your best chance at getting more followers. Remember that people who do not know you are always searching for boards using the Pinterest "search" function, and if they stumble across your boards or something you have pinned that are very likely to follow you.

Follow Others

You can't expect to have many Pinterest followers without following others yourself. So go ahead and follow as many people as you'd like. And the more people you follow, the higher your chances are of getting more followers, too.

Create Many Different Boards

Having a few individual boards on different topics is typically more interesting to look at than a bunch of boards on the same subjects. So go ahead and create boards that hit on a variety of interests. Doing so means you are more likely to appeal to a wider audience than if you focus on one main subject.

Pin Original Content

Take photos of your crafts, your decor, your motorcycle or your pet. If you have talent and the photos have mass appeal, they will get repinned and earn you followers. Pinners love new and original content.

Organize Your Boards

Having boards that are set-up in an organized and clean manner makes them easier to follow, which often results in more followers. If you think about it, you probably don't like looking at boards that are cluttered and don't make sense, so you can't expect others to look at your boards if they aren't enjoyable to look at. Take some time to design your boards with consistent themes and you'll be likely earn more followers.

Now that you know how to get followers on Pinterest, you can go ahead and get your pin on.


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