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How anti-aging skin creams work

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anti-aging skin cream
It takes effort on your part and the right product to successfully fight aging
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Many of us are on the ultimate quest for the perfect anti-aging skin cream

Even if you slather cooking grease on your skin -- a gross exaggeration -- to keep it moisturized, that is certainly better than never moisturizing at all.

Skin needs oil and lubrication. The older we get, the less sebum or oil we naturally produce. We need some help, in the form of anti aging skin cream and other products, in keeping our aging skin supple and hydrated.

Dry skin becomes wrinkly, inelastic and saggy. Some of us have spent a fortune on "wrinkle creams." We may not have transformed as a result, or much as we had hoped to, but our skin probably would not look as good as it does if we had not made the effort.
Creams and lotions are considered cosmetics and not drugs, so they are not monitored as closely by the FDA as drugs are. Some types of anti aging skin care cream and beauty lotion are terrific; others not so great. It may simply boil down to trial and error for most of us to determine which anti aging skin cream is effective and which skin care creams are ineffective, overly priced and should be ditched.
We hear or read about "miracle" anti-aging products, see ads on TV or online for rejuvenating skin tonics, and think, hmmm, maybe this is the one for me. You buy it and it turns out that it is not any better than the product you were already using, although perhaps a bit more pricey, which does not necessarily mean it is a spectacular product. Price not does equal quality all the time.

Hydroxy acids, which include alpha hydroxy, are synthetic forms of acids that are made from sugar-containing fruits. Hydroxy acids are frequently included in anti aging skin cream. These acids make excellent exfoliates, removing the old, dead layer of skin and prompting the growth of new, evenly pigmented skin. Wear a sunscreen after using hydroxy acids on your face because your face will be very sensitive to the sun.

Retinol is another ingredient that you will find in an anti aging skin cream and beauty skincare lotions. Retinol is a vitamin A compound and is an antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radicals, such as smoke and environmental pollution. Free radicals cause wrinkles by breaking down skin cells. Retinol neutralizes the free radicals. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant do not use products that contain vitamin A derivatives because they are known to increase the risk of birth defects.

Kinetin may actually help reduce uneven skin pigmentation, along with diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, although some minor irritation may result. No one knows exactly how kinetin works. It may be that kinetin stimulates collagen, which is protein in our skin, and helps the skin retain moisture, which plumps up the skin and makes it look younger and healthier.

Copper peptide, a trace element that is found in every cell, is frequently found in anti aging skin cream. Copper helps wounds heal and doubles the action of antioxidants, while also stimulating collagen production. Peptides are the little protein fragments that copper is combined with when used in an anti aging cream.

Coenzyme Q10 actually reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. There are no nasty side effects. Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient, which assists in regulating cell energy production. Coenzyme Q10 may safeguard against sun damage.

Green, black and oolong tea consist of anti-inflammatory agents and are considered antioxidants. Green tea extracts are frequently found in anti aging skin cream. Drinking green tea is also considered a very healthy thing to do.

Women and men who are concerned about the aging effect of wrinkles, skin discoloration, sun damage and lost elasticity should experiment with a variety of high-quality anti aging skin creams. Consider the advice of cosmetic counter specialists, product information, and reviews from friends. In severe cases of age-effected skin, a dermatologist may be a necessary resource.

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