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How to look natural using concealer

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Appling concealer properly makes all the difference
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Natural looking concealer is in the technique and product choice

Concealer can be your ace in the hole if you have dark circles under your eyes or uneven skin tone; however, you are defeating the purpose if it is evident that you are wearing concealer. Honing your concealer application skills is well-worth the time and effort.

First, pick the right shade of concealer. Concealers should camouflage bad areas or brighten dark areas. Concealer should, ideally, be one shade lighter than your warm or cool skin tone. That way it will lighten the dark areas, such as those raccoon rings under your eyes, and hide red areas without being obvious.

Get a makeup brush that is specifically designed for concealer application. This will make a huge difference and the results look more natural. Some women like to use sponges to cosmetic smooth out concealer.

Select the right consistency. If the concealer is too thick, it will settle into any wrinkles. Thick concealer may conceal blemishes but it is going to be very obvious - you don't want to look like you are attempting to spackle away imperfections. Use a light, creamy textured concealer for a natural look with adequate coverage.

Apply an eye gel under your eyes, particularly if you have dark circles, before you apply the concealer. Let the gel absorb for 10 minutes before putting on the concealer. This will help the concealer set better. When you apply your concealer, pat it on or lightly brush it on. Do not rub because this will remove the concealer and defeat the purpose, wasting your time.

Purchase a good concealer. It will last a long time and will be worth the money spent. Go to a cosmetic counter in a department store, ask for recommendations and try some concealer or talk with a friend who uses concealer in an attractive, unnoticeable way. When you know the best type of concealer for your skin, there are many custom color cosmetic specialists offering excellent prices and top quality products.

If you are applying the concealer to a red spot on your face, blend gently from the center of the spot outward. If may help you to apply under eye concealed in a dotted fashion along the dark circle area and then blend outward using a brush. Do not go crazy with your concealer, especially on the outer corners of your eyes, because this will emphasize wrinkles, which most of us have in this area.

Some women prefer liquid and the least opaque concealer over creams. You may have to experiment to find which one gives you the most natural look and the best coverage.

You may find that you prefer cream custom concealers because they are less messy and can provide medium to heavy coverage. Use a concealer brush when you are applying a cream concealer because this allows you to achieve natural and even coverage. Cream concealers are heavier than liquids.

Consider using a click pen concealer which is comparable to a liquid concealer; however click pen concealers have a built-in highlighter. The light reflecting particles brighten up your complexion.

Because you are applying concealer to your eye area, make sure that you keep your concealer clean and bacteria free. Put the lid or cap on tightly and do not stick your fingers into the jar. Use a cotton swab if you need to access the concealer.


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