How to get a beautiful woman

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Get that gorgeous girl by being yourself
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Knowing how to get a beautiful woman is within reach of every man - even you!

Scoring a beautiful woman is about as elusive to many as winning the lottery. Of course, if you won the lottery, you might find getting that girl is a lot easier.

Kidding aside, getting romantically involved with a woman who you think is gorgeous is possible, even if you donít think youíre the best looking person in the world. With a little help and some killer confidence, how to get a beautiful woman is no longer a question, itís practically a sealed deal.


First thing is first Ė youíre never going to grab your dream girl looking like a scrub. You need to get clean and smell even better.

Take a shower, wear some un-wrinkled clothes, then spritz yourself with seriously good-smelling cologne. However, donít go overboard with the application. If the gal can smell you before she can see you, thereís a problem. When you lean in to say ďhi,Ē you donít want her to choke on your scent.

And of course, make sure you have good breath.

Sense of humor

One of the best things you can do now is to make her laugh.

If you can break the ice with a funny comment or joke, you increase your chances of getting to know her better. 


But in order to get the nerve to go up to her, you need to boost your confidence. Thereís nothing thatís less attractive than an insecure person. And sheís definitely going to pick up on that insecurity and likely get a bit turned off by it. So give yourself a pep talk before you go up to her. And if you donít feel confident, fake it. Look into her eyes, keep your chin up and your back straight. Even if you donít feel like a million bucks you can at least look like you do.

Even if sheís the most beautiful woman youíve ever seen, itís important not to be intimidated by her. Chances are, sheís probably insecure. Oh, yes; gorgeous ladies tend to be on the insecure side, so instead of making her feel self-conscious, make her feel comfortable.

Ask her a question to break the ice and ease any tension. But not just any question; one that gets her opinion or advice on things. Make her feel like she matters and what she says has substance. When she finds out you didnít just come over to stare at her, sheíll appreciate it and likely engage in further conversation with you.

Be romantic

And donít forget to be romantic. A nice compliment and a sweet sentiment will work wonders on anyone, even the most beautiful girl youíve ever seen.  And now that you know how to get a beautiful women, thereís no reason why you shouldnít have one.


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