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Best way to clean a bathroom

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Most of us aren't very enthusiastic about cleaning the bathroom
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Best way to clean a bathroom: It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it!

It goes without saying that cleaning the bathroom is not your favorite pastime. Nevertheless, it has to be done by somebody. If you donít have an on-call cleaning staff at your disposal you are probably it. In fact, bathrooms should be cleaned regularly because, if not, they are a host for all kinds of bacteria that we donít want to think about but should.

To get the chore done quickly and efficiently, here is the best way to clean a bathroom:

The surfaces

Rather than trying to clean around the stuff in your bathroom --- the scales, baskets, trashcan, hampers etc. -- remove them from the bathroom for the time being. Dust. Dust the window sills and cabinet tops, pictures that are hanging on the wall, ventilation fans and anything else in the bathroom that collects dust.

Dust off your bathroom light fixtures. Occasionally you may want to remove the fixtures and give them a thorough washing.

The dreaded toilet

Pour toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl and let it foam. Bleach works just as well. Get the handy dandy toilet bowl brush and go to work. Make sure you get underneath the rim. Remember to clean the outside of the toilet, too, using some kind of disinfecting bathroom cleaner and a clean rag. Clean your bidet the same way. 

Sinks and counters

Now focus on the bathroom sink and counter top area, which can get really grungy with toothpaste and makeup.

Use a cleaning product that is specifically made for the kind of bathroom counter top that you have. If there is icky stuff in the faucet or on or around the handles on the vanity, you can use a Q-tip or toothbrush to scrub in these small crevices. Clean the mirrors with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

The cabinets

If you have wood cabinetry in your bathroom use a protectant and wood finish restorer on the finished wood. This type of cleaning product can also be used on laminate surfaces and Formica and it also seals grout, restores shine and fills in scratches, which is going to be make your bathroom cabinet look new again. If you have tiled counter tops and the grout is gross, you may need to get special grout cleaner.

The fixtures

Most people have porcelain or fiberglass bathtubs; however, bathtubs can be made in other materials and in various shape and colors. If you have a granite, marble, bronze, concrete or copper tub, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding cleaning it. If you put that much money into a bathtub, you want it to stay in tip top shape for a long time.The same goes for a high-grade sink, such as one made out of copper, which is really beautiful but may require special cleaning products.

Fiberglass tubs and showers can be tricky to get clean, particularly if they have a textured surface as many do. Non-abrasive cleaners such as laundry detergent or dishing washing liquid can be used as can baking soda that you've turned into a paste by adding water. Wet down the surface and gently rub the paste on with a soft brush or paste and then rinse.

If you wipe down the shower or tub every time you use it --- yes, we know! -- it will help prevent soap scum build up. Using a squeegee on the sides of a shower after you have showered keeps the shower stall clean and shiny.

Porcelain tubs can be hard to keep clean.The surface can dull and the porcelain can crack. Do not use high acidic cleaners, such as white vinegar or scouring powders when cleaning porcelain because abrasive cleaners can accelerate the degradation of the porcelain. Cleaning with dish washing liquid is one approach. Once a month, clean the tub with 1/4 cup baking soda, combined with water and and 1/4 cup of ammonia. Baking soda is slightly abrasive but it won't hurt the surface. To maintain the surface, pour some lemon oil on a rag or sponge and wipe the tub. Lemon oil keeps the tub clean longer, makes it smell good and prevents soap scum build-up.

Sweep and then mop. Routinely wash your bathroom rugs or mats because they get wet and mold can develop.


Do not use steel wool on the fixtures in your bathroom because it will remove the finish from fiberglass and porcelain fixtures. Whenever you are trying out a new cleaning product, test it on a small, discreet area first to make sure that it isn't going to do damage to the surface.

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